A renegade priest, Jacob Vassey, who has been tracking a devil-worshipping cult, breaks into an abandoned warehouse. In a secret room on the floor above him, a powerful blood ritual sacrifice is being performed. The leader of the cult, a “turned” archbishop, pronounces the final magical incantation that conjures up a creature from the depths… Continue reading SHADOWBUILDER


As part of his training to become a member of an elite group of assassins known as the 701 Squad, Tsui had his nerve center surgically removed five years ago, leaving him free of physical or emotional pain. Demoralized by the dramatic changes that resulted from this void, Tsui escapes from the organization’s mainland China… Continue reading BLACK MASK


Joe Young, a struggling Mormon actor from Utah, is preaching door-to-door in Los Angeles one day when he stumbles upon the set of Orgazmo, a porno movie directed by the infamous Maxxx Orbison. As soon as they meet, Maxxx immediately pegs Joe as the leading man he’s been looking for. Joe’s religious upbringing makes him… Continue reading ORGAZMO


In a quiet suburban town, four young girls witness the brutal murder of one of their classmates at the hands of Milo, a mysterious young boy who lives on the other side of town. After the murder, Milo is found in a river and pronounced dead by his father, Dr. Jeeder. Sixteen years later, the… Continue reading MILO