At the age of thirteen, young Michael had to live through a nightmare that has haunted him every moment since. After losing their parents, Michael and older brother Jody encountered the Tall Man, the caretaker of the Morningside Cemetery. They found out that he was an extraterrestrial grave robber, who compressed human corpses into alien… Continue reading PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION


The war for Heaven is far from over. Gabriel, the most powerful of God’s angels, has returned to earth with an attitude and an army of angels gone bad. His mission: to destroy God’s most treasured creation : mankind. Gabriel wants to prevent the birth of a child conceived by one of his kind, the… Continue reading THE PROPHECY II


“In 1957 the bombs dropped and the Russians took over what was once America. The last bastion of freedom became a place called Lost Vegas, where Elvis was crowned King. But after forty rockin’ years, the King has died and the word is out : Vegas needs a new king. News of the now vacant… Continue reading SIX STRING SAMURAI


Urban legends are contemporary folk tales, bits of macabre mythology that emerge from the underground and take on colourful lives of their own. Like a virus they spread quickly, becoming firmly wedged in our collective consciousness. Now, at New England’s Pendleton College – just named the safest university in the country – someone is making… Continue reading URBAN LEGEND