A group of film students, led by the vivacious and charismatic Raffy, decide to complete a horror movie that was left unfinished 14 years before when its director, Hillary Jacobs, was gruesomely murdered. The students are eager to start working, despite the disapproval and warnings of their lecturer Lossman, who was assistant-director for the original… Continue reading CUT


The Hyperion is transporting convicts by sea to a remote island prison off the coast of Northern England. In a cell on board is Leo Rook, a psychopathic serial killer and the most feared man in Europe. Also among the passengers are Kirsty McCloud, a beautiful criminal psychiatrist and Richard Spader, a prisoner committed for… Continue reading LIGHTHOUSE


Bernie Stein, a washed-up music agent needs a new star. His nephew Frankie has developed a rejuvenation process that can reanimate lifeless body parts. Now Bernie wants to create a superstar by assembling the organs of rock ‘n roll’s dead elite. He partners Frankie with Iggy, a burnt-out roadie, to assist in acquiring the legendary… Continue reading ROCK ‘N ROLL FRANKENSTEIN


Nemanya, about to get married, needs to borrow money from his father so that he can afford the wedding. He gets into his old car and begins the drive to his birthplace. When he has almost arrived at his destination, a terrible downpour prevents him from continuing. Nemanya manages to pull into a small, eerie… Continue reading WHEELS