Joseph, a Los Angeles detective, awakens one day to discover that he is no longer living in the city of Angels but in Hell. After desperately trying to escape, he learns that the only way out is to use a puzzle box, which is in the possession of the evil and terrifying Pinhead. With everything… Continue reading HELLRAISER V: INFERNO


What if the legend of Faust, in which a passionate doctor sold his soul to the Devil for power and knowledge, was true ? What if that story keeps on happening again and again ? Imagine what could happen if an ordinary man is so deeply hurt that, to take revenge, he is capable of… Continue reading FAUST


Just another routine day in space, or so it appears. Houston is counting down another space shuttle mission. They don’t know that their every move is being monitored by the Special Agency Men. This shuttle mission has a special guest onboard, a spider. When the crew injects the spider with a mysterious fluid, all hell… Continue reading SPIDERS