Flesh Gordon is a parody based on the comic book Flash Gordon, a character imagined by Alex Raymond (also known for Jungle Jim and Rip Kirby). When planet Porno shoots laser beams at the Earth, men and women are suddenly possessed by an erotic madness. Flesh Gordon, his girlfriend and a scientist want to know… Continue reading FLESH GORDON


Inspired by the fantastic stories and the exceptional graphic qualities of the comic book artists of comic magazine Métal Hurlant, Heavy Metal is the first cinematographic experiment where film, music and animation are combined. The film takes us on a journey to a universe where even sci-fi fails short. A universe of black magic, mysteries… Continue reading HEAVY METAL


An adventure movie that is situated 12.000 years BC. The film evokes the era of Conan, The Barbarian, adapted from the dime novels of Rober E. Howard. The story begins with a gift , a riddle and a double murder. Fifteen years later, the child is now a muscular adult who appreciates the gift, solves… Continue reading CONAN, THE BARBARIAN


Richard Donner brings the iconic comic-book hero to the silver screen. When the film got released, masses of people showed up to get into the theatres. Helicopters, radio and even television were used to deviate the masses to less crowded theaters. Urban legend or not: a more beautiful homage for a superhero is hard to… Continue reading SUPERMAN