Tokyo, A.D. 2034. In the city, the Boomers, artificial “sub-humans”, which are developed and manufactured for various purposes, live symbiotically together with humans. Initially used for drudge work and perilous industrial occupations, the uncannily lifelike Boomers have been diverted into prostitution, various criminal enterprises and eventually terrorism. A special task unit of the police, The… Continue reading PARASITE DOLLS


Death is not the end, especially for those who died in violent circumstances, such as murder or suicide. They will have to chose their path at the Gate of Vengeance, between Earth and Heaven. They can either accept their death and be reincarnated. Or they refuse to give up on life and become a wandering… Continue reading SKYHIGH: THE MOVIE


The year is 2142. Hundreds of years after the Energy Wars, the Earth is on the brink of extinction. In order to survive, humans have created Ecoban, a shielded, organic city that feeds on the Earth’s pollution. However, only a select few are allowed to live in Ecoban, leaving the refugees from outside to scrape… Continue reading WONDERFUL DAYS

1st Japanimation Day

On Wednesday 17th March, the program of the passage 44 will entirely be devoted to comic strip in all various forms with 2 animes and 2 live adaptations of a spanish cimic and a japanese manga with the first Manga Market MORTADELO & FILEMON : THE BIG ADVENTURE In the headquarters of the Total Intelligence… Continue reading 1st Japanimation Day