The year 2033 : Global Warming has plunged Europe into chaos. From Brussels, a notorious bastard Prince calls upon Afterman for help. When our hero, after a long journey from Siberia, arrives in the capital, what awaits him is the Apocalypse !


A living placenta searches for his place in a hostile society. A bioethical horror film for the entire family…


Six childhood friends reunite in a new place each year to continue their tradition of playing hide and seek. This year, they are meeting at a manor house that is being renovated. And they have a new recruit : Ludo, a forty-something who seems like a child, dull but mysterious.


Act Vanished is a movie that displays the cynical and symbolic reflection of Western society. The film tells the story of a simple man and charts the subjectivity of experiences and memories along with fear of the unknown. Each character plays his or her specific role in the theatre of life. We observe how characters… Continue reading ACT VANISHED


he film tells the story of a perverted Dr. Mabuse clone who abuses his status as a healer to kidnap women desperate to be cured from various so called feminine diseases. His purpose is to sell them…

1st Mad In Belgium

It’s no secret to anyone that the few Belgian movies that get released in the theatres of the Kingdom are just the tiny tip of a giant film production iceberg. Some of the pictures that are floating underneath are completely deranged, experimental, improbable or underground, but all are craving to find their place in the… Continue reading 1st Mad In Belgium