On a South Pacific Island, a secret expedition is searching for an unknown deadly virus. Could this virus become an alien invasion threatening the very existence of mankind ? Loren Mercer, ex-Navy pilot, is in the South Pacific looking for her ex-boyfriend, Captain John Lightfoot, who disappeared while on a secret mission. What Mercer isn’t… Continue reading ARACHNID


Once every generation, a Chosen One is born to fight evil. While still a foetus, our hero already starts his martial arts education. Skilled surgeons have implanted tiny staffs and nunchakus, in order not to waste nine months of valuable training time. Join him on his journey as he searches for the evil man who… Continue reading KUNG-POW: ENTER THE FIST


After a painful divorce, Lynn Graham and her three children move from Los Angeles to the Australian Gold Coast. They expect a few cultural differences. But they didn’t think they would ever find a demonic presence residing at the bottom of the garden, preying from a derelict children’s playhouse. Natalie and Ivan, the youngest of… Continue reading CUBBYHOUSE

ORPHAN by Richard Moos

Jake McCrory is a killer by trade. One day he shoots gangster Michael Murphy at his home. Murphy’s 12 year old daughter, Anna, witnesses the killing that makes her an orphan. Jake disco-vers that the underworld is just as risky to him as towards his victims. People close to Anna’s father hire a fellow contract… Continue reading ORPHAN by Richard Moos