Two young couples take a misguided tour onto the back roads of America in search of a local legend known as Dr. Satan. Lost and stranded, they are set upon by a bizarre family of psychotics. Baby is five foot ten inches of blonde dynamite. She’ll love you and leave you dead. Otis, sporting rotten… Continue reading HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES


500 years in the future. Against a backdrop of feuding warlords and assassins, Japan is once again ruled by a monarchy opposed by rebels. The new government hires a band of assassins, the House of Takemikazuchi, to wipe out the uprising once and for all. Yuki, the beautiful daughter of the Takemikazuchi patriarch, goes unsmiling… Continue reading THE PRINCESS BLADE


Doctor Herbert West has been serving a jail sentence for 14 years after causing the Miskatonic University massacre, a tragedy brought about by strange monsters, products of his experiments into reanimating dead organisms. To him, the slaughter was just collateral damage, the inevitable consequence of any experimental process. Currently in jail and far from being… Continue reading BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR