New to Los Angeles, Nell and Steven Barrow rent an apartment in the Lusman Building. Built in the 1940s, this luxurious art deco hotel was a playground for the rich and famous in Hollywood’s heyday. Later it fell on bad times, but now the old building is being restored to its former glory. What no… Continue reading THE TOOLBOX MURDERS


Adam and Harley are two college buds driving cross-country on their way to their love’s wedding with another man. In the middle of nowhere, a huge black monster truck rides up the ass of Adam’s car and nearly forces them off the road. Coincidence or bad luck ? Who knows, but it’s scary and weird.… Continue reading MONSTER MAN


Willard, a lonely and alienated young man, lives in a deteriorating old mansion. At work, he’s tormented by a sadistic boss and at home by his overbearing mother. When she complains about rats in their basement, he sets out to solve the problem. However, instead of killing the rats, he starts to befriend them. Willard… Continue reading WILLARD


Ancient Japan. A demon roams the streets of the imperial capital of Heian. Since the day of a solar eclipse, the monster has already claimed four victims, savagely biting off the shoulder of the first, the nose of the second, the mouth of the third and the leg of the fourth. At the request of… Continue reading THE YIN-YANG MASTER II