2019, a virus has transformed 95 % of the population into vampires. All of society has been reorganized to allow a nocturnal existence, while avoiding daylight. But a serious crisis threatens its very existence. What remains of humanity has almost been hunted to extinction. Blood has become a rare and expensive commodity. Those who cannot… Continue reading DAYBREAKERS


A note to all those Wolfenstein and Doom nostalgics. Do you remember those videogames which were played on a three ton machine with joysticks that looked like handbrakes ? Remember how we blasted away in every direction ? Big fun and zero risks. We always had our friends esc and ctrl-alt-del who were keeping an… Continue reading GHOST MACHINE


With its 18.000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago. During the first centuries of our era, it was a trade region between India and China. It’s only in the 16th century that the European nations reached the Moluccas for the spice business. Hey, are we getting up your nose ? What do you want… Continue reading MACABRE


Tokyo High School looks like any other Japanese high school with its usual subcultures. You’ve got the trendy Harajuku girls, with Keiko, the spoilt daughter of the chemistry teacher as their leader. There’s a club of girls that are preparing for the world championship in wrist cutting and you’ve got a bunch of Ganguro girls,… Continue reading VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL