Everly has been violently gang-raped in her apartment by thugs sent by her ex-boyfriend, a mob boss. She wants nothing more than to die and leave all this pain and suffering behind. She is beaten, but not broken. Her mother and daughter are still alive and need to be moved out of there. Before she… Continue reading EVERLY


Very friendly and very blonde Novella wants to make it big in Hollywood. But she only meets rejection and disappointment, leading to a unique gastronomic psychosis in which Novella starts devouring pieces of her own body. To top it all, she starts a relationship with her shrink. And what he would love to sink his… Continue reading EAT


Everybody has suffered a broken heart at least once in his life. This happened with Zach when his beloved Beth abandoned him because she wanted to explore new horizons. And it happened the second time when she got mortally bit by a poisonous snake. No better shoulders to cry your heart out on than those… Continue reading LIFE AFTER BETH