Eight hours a day, 60% of the working population spends his time behind a desk, and the only noteworthy cinematic entries about this are the cult film Office Space and the cult series The Office. Bloodsucking Bastards wants to lengthen this list. In any business where dead-end jobs are piling up, there is always one… Continue reading BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS


When Brodie’s mum ends up in the loony bin, the young man is forced to move in with his closest relatives in a small suburban town. Aunt Mary and Uncle Albert are deeply religious and do not look kindly upon the heavy metal passion of their nephew. And their son David is the school’s bully.… Continue reading DEATHGASM


You wake up and you remember nothing. And that’s because your wife has just brought you back from the dead. Her name is Estelle and she’s a brilliant scientist. She tells you that you’re Henry and that you are now a cyborg super soldier. Five minutes later you see how Estelle’s kidnapped and you have… Continue reading HARDCORE HENRY


In the old days… dating was so much easier. You met each other at the prom, danced a slow and the deal was done. Now with Tinder, casual sex and friends with benefits, it’s all that more complicated. This is how we meet Deb, a charming but very timid gal that only loosens up after… Continue reading NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB