All of Denmark is sitting back on its butt. The streets are emptier than North Korea’s treasury because just about everybody is glued to their television sets to witness the biggest sports game of the year. Except for two young women (blonde but not brain dead) in a service station in the south of the… Continue reading FINALE


The year is 2101, a nameless man wakes up in the middle of a dried-out, dark landscape. Looking around him, he only sees carcasses and barren trees. A biochemical war in the northern hemisphere has caused poverty, famine, and a gigantic wasteland covering the whole of South America. Concerning our own species, there isn’t much… Continue reading I AM TOXIC


A certain Ben Lyk gets killed in London. Not long after that, another one with the same name is murdered in cold blood. As a precaution, Scotland Yard decides to bring all namesakes to a safe house. One Ben after the other is targeted but why is the killer after them? A cat-and-mouse game ensues… Continue reading KILL BEN LYK