Two friends tell each other stories in a room where they don’t seem to be able to get out.


A woman feels sorry for a poor, old man. One day she decides to follow him…


A tender encounter in a mortuary.


An old man is held in the attic by his daughter. To stop him from going out, she makes him believe that it’s raining all the time.


Little Jacob really loves his mum, but her lover starts to become an obstacle.


Octave, who repairs puppets for a living, develops an obsession for carnivale attraction Ange, a girl without a spinal cord, who’s held up by a metal construction.


A boy is bouncing a ball against a wall. The sounds of the ball are being echoed in a strange way by the wall.


A audiovisual fable, set in an existential universe of desert landscapes, in which a tree serves as a metaphor for human conflict.

3rd Belgian Fantastic Film Day

THE BELGIAN FILM DAYON FRIDAY 13 APRIL :Belgian short features in Belgian competition, from 1pm till 5pm !n 12 films, of which 2 will also participate the next day to the International Competition, 2 awards :one offered by the SACD and the other by Michel Devillers & Co. Judged by a fair and competent Jury… Continue reading 3rd Belgian Fantastic Film Day