Alien On Stage

Take your time reading the following sentence, you may have to re-read it again: Bus drivers from Dorset decide to put Alien on stage for charity and end up in the theatre Walhalla of the West End in London.  

De Dick Maas Methode

Through exceptional archival footage, you will not only discover the genius and extraordinary career of the director of THE LIFT and AMSTERDAMNED, but also his legacy of uncomplicated and “bigger than life” genre cinema!


Our own found footage horror film shot at the BIFFF office – prominently featuring a half-eaten cheese sandwich and a Troll cardboard cutout – is trapped in post-production hell, so we’ve settled for this very insightful documentary on the genre. A genre that is as reviled as it is revered by horror buffs, but we’re… Continue reading THE FOUND FOOTAGE PHENOMENON


Once upon a time in a slapdash movie theater in the slums of Uganda’s capital Kampala, a little boy was dreaming big in front of the sweaty silver-screen shenanigans of Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. One day he’d be an action director too! But life has a way of throwing childhood dreams under… Continue reading ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA