Martha, 13 years old, has strange friends, insects she speaks to through telepathy. She protects and takes care of them, in return the insects protect her. She is a sleepwalker and one night she walks into the street. In this condition she is, completely unaware, the witness of a murder A difficult witness.


Everything went fine for the Freelings. A good status, beautiful children and now the purchase of a lovely villa. But, the brother starts crying at night! Is this a nightmare? And the sister, so perfect, so brilliant, starts conversations with a very strange correspondent. The film POLTERGEIST, is like a short-circuit between Spielberg and Hooper,… Continue reading POLTERGEIST


Raised by a strict but dedicated mother CARRIE is the target of her friends. The first menstruation causes a real anxiety attack, and a new reason to humiliate her in front of her school friends. But it’s also the moment she realizes that she has supernatural powers. She can move objects from a distance. Her… Continue reading CARRIE

THE ENTITY by Sidney J. Furie

Carla Moran, a young divorced woman, lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where she raises her three children. One night she is brutally attacked by an invisible predator who rapes her. They can’t find a trace from the man. The next night the bedroom starts shaking, caused by a terrible force.