Laundry Man is an English spoken horror film from Belgium that is inspired by the crimes of the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the Hungarian-Belgian serial killer Andras Pandy. This is linked to the dangers of surfing the many obscure chat sites on the internet, where people take on a false identity. One of… Continue reading LAUNDRY MAN


If there is something to darken the mood after coming back from sunnier climes, it’s that damn Monday. Once again at work, your tanned skin is bleaching away in front of the PC screen, your colleagues running away when you want to show the holiday pics… That’s at least what Julie and Matthew, a couple… Continue reading PAPILLON NOIR


It’s New Year’s Eve and while the Brussels’ city streets are teeming with drunken revelers, the paths of two solitary souls will cross. Max, a poor sod, is drowning his existential confusion in alcohol. Julie, a young woman, finds it impossible to reconcile herself with the bitter realities of her life. But on this festive… Continue reading SOLITAIRES: LE BAL DES SAUVAGES

3rd Mad In Belgium

It’s no secret to anyone that the few Belgian movies that get released in the theatres of the Kingdom are just the tiny tip of a giant film production iceberg. Some of the pictures that are floating underneath are completely deranged, experimental, improbable or underground, but all are craving to find their place in the… Continue reading 3rd Mad In Belgium