This documentary meticulously scrutinizes and analyzes the ascension to the throne of Charles III, one miniscule detail at a time, with the shadow of Queen Elizabeth II’s recent passing looming large over the proceedings. Just kidding! We’ll leave the hurly-burly of the British royal family to THE CROWN. The King we’re talking about here is… Continue reading KING ON SCREEN


As is often the case, it all started out as a fun idea without any grand pretentions by two talented directors called Jaume Balaguero and Placo Plaza. A blitz shooting in Barcelona, no famous actors and a pure guerilla-style approach on all levels. But little by little the duo start to wonder whether this little… Continue reading REC: TERROR WITHOUT A PAUSE


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way called the 80’s, special effects in movies were mostly done with puppetry and cardboard. Then comes along a guy like James Cameron who revolutionizes the industry with his creature from THE ABYSS and his robot for TERMINATOR 2. And Spielberg, taking the ball, scores a… Continue reading JURASSIC PUNK

4th Documentary Section

Why documentaries at the BIFFF? That’s a fair question. It would after all be rather nonsensical to dedicate a documentary to the digestion problems of werewolves or the effect the sun’s reflection on the moon has on vampires (would it, though?). That’s the whole thing about fantasy. We leave behind the shores of reality. So,… Continue reading 4th Documentary Section