Covered in blood and with a look that reveals rage, a man stumbles into a hospital to die in the arms of doctor Eileen Flax. An insignificant original fact. It only becomes mysterious when Eileen is tormented with hallucinations in which she is silently and hostile approached by a gang of Teddy Boys who seem… Continue reading NOMADS


The 21st century: a nightmare. No radioactive sediment, no cities destroyed, no repulsive mutants… America is changed into one brutal and totalitarian society, where the civilians are only interested in one thing, a deadly race trough the provinces. The most amazingly build race cars are broadcast live on air by all television stations during their… Continue reading DEATH RACE 2000


A jealous husband hires a questionable private detective to lynch his wife and her lover. The job is well paid but the detective smells more money. He takes pictures of the sleeping pair but forges the images to make it look like bullets have pierced their bodies. He makes the husband believe that he has… Continue reading BLOOD SIMPLE


A trivial trip turns into a nightmare. A group of friends goes on a trip for the weekend. Their intention is to sail down the river by canoe, as a return to nature. Our city people, however, forget which dangers nature holds. The calm trip bursts into violence. In a confrontation with themselves, they become… Continue reading DELIVERANCE