In 2700, mankind has found shelter underneath the earth’s surface. Uma is doing archive research for Section 092, an administrative apparatus entrusted with tracking down and stocking all reminiscences of life on the earth’s surface. Year after year the department gets more sloppy in handling its affairs, until no one cares about the past anymore… Continue reading PALE COCOON


Van, a flegmatic gun hero, wanders from town to town in search of the man who murdered his wife on their wedding day. Vengeance is the only goal that drives him. He makes friends with Wendi Garrett, a young girl who’s searching for her brother… Steampunk western by Goro Taniguchi (s-CRY-ed, Planetes, Infinite Ryvius), in… Continue reading GUN SWORD


At the end of the Edo era, young writer Momosuke Yamaoka crosses the country in the hope of finding an editor for his masterpiece: the 100 stories. After a stormy night he crosses paths with a bunch of swindlers gifted with supernatural powers. They also ramble across the country to appease the souls of wandering… Continue reading REQUIEM FROM THE DARKNESS


According to an urban legend, there is a mysterious website that punishes its visitors. Is it merely a myth? The girl from hell will fill in the contract after confirmation of your request, on the condition that you are prepared to pay a price. And the only question you should ask yourself is this: do… Continue reading LA FILLE DES ENFERS


Young Makoto isn’t your average junior high student. A scatterbrain who’s always late for everything, she prefers playing baseball with boy buddies Chiaki and Kousuke to hanging out with the giggling girls watching from the sidelines. One day, when she’s investigating strange noises in the schools science lab, she’s whisked away on a surreal Alice… Continue reading THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME

4th Japanimation Day

SCI-FI FANTASY & MANGAMARKETFilm collectibles, comic strip, dvd09/0415:00 Cosplay Contestinscription / inschrijving : Screenings PALE COCOON(OAV, BETA, VO BIL ST, 25 min)© 2005 Yasuhiro YOSHIURA / Directions, IncAn OAV full of poetry and nostalgia. Well designed characters, a carefully crafted production that smartly combines 2D and 3D, and a screenplay which is perfectly adapted… Continue reading 4th Japanimation Day