Dracula comes back to life in modern London and preys on a group of young party-goers, including the descendant of his nemesis, Van Helsing. This is the seventh Hammer film featuring Dracula and the sixth to star Christopher Lee in the title role.


Dr. Frankenstein escapes death and pursues his scientific experiments in a small German town… until the population rises in revolt. Another intriguing version of Mary Shelley’s myth that is not afraid of breaking taboos.

50 Years of Hammer Horror

50 Years of Hammer during the Festival : The Hammer debate:A debate about the importance of “Hammer Film Productions” for the Fantasy Film will be organized, in presence of Freddie Francis, Jimmy Sangster and Peter Sasdy. “Hammer special”, a series of unforgettable Hammer-films (French versions) in the Festival Barevery weekday, exceptions made for Wednesday the… Continue reading 50 Years of Hammer Horror