Two amateur filmmakers make a documentary about the Moeraske in Evere, a sleepy, swampy corner of the Belgian capital. On a sunny summer day in 2017, seven corpses and a car are found there. A DVD and a camera on the scene contain proof of an actual suicide. Before they know what’s what, our private… Continue reading CA TOURNE PRES DE CHEZ VOUS


A man with a nasty face and a criminal record returns to the urban jungle that he had to leave 15 years ago for an extended stay in the can. Now he’s back with an axe to grind: he wants to kill off Lucifer’s Twelve Apostles. Methodically he goes through the list, if need be… Continue reading DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD


A firm finds a revolutionary solution to an age-old problem: how to resuscitate the dead? But soon after, a cosmic disaster takes place and it’s back to year zero. Eight months later, a mysterious man wanders around amidst what’s left of society, while the survivors try and organize as best they can. Ex funeris by… Continue reading EX FUNERIS


Picture a world where women have to face institutionalized conspiracy. Picture a world where they are kidnapped and brainwashed to make them docile and easy to manipulate. This time, Joanne has been kidnapped and held in an ancient chapel by the Conspiracy. Unbeknownst to the Conspiracy (and herself) Joanne harbours many secrets that will change… Continue reading JOANNE

5th Mad In Belgium

It’s no secret to anyone that the few Belgian movies that get released in the theatres of the Kingdom are just the tiny tip of a giant film production iceberg. Some of the pictures that are floating underneath are completely deranged, experimental, improbable or underground, but all are craving to find their place in the… Continue reading 5th Mad In Belgium