Under her guise of sweetness and angelic purity, Mara hides an extremely determined personality where greediness and hypocrisy fight. She is not one of those who let fate decide on their life: Mara entered this world through the back door and drastically changed her life when marrying Donny, the rich man of the small provincial… Continue reading BACKFIRE


Obsession: A Taste for Fear takes place a couple of years in the future and deals with photography. Images rule, they control everything, from fashion to human behaviours. A former model, Diane Thornton, reigns on this photographic world: to take pictures, she uses a computer-connected camera. During her last shots, she went very far to… Continue reading A TASTE FOR FEAR


C. C. Drood, a cartoonist and painter, reaches his flat door to find it forced: his mouth full of pizza prevents him from commensurate gasping with fear. He carefully slips into his flat: everything is upside down, but the foreign presence doesn’t seem to be there any more. Reassured but still choked up, he tries… Continue reading SLAM DANCE


Jack, a claustrophobic actor, finds out that his girlfriend is unfaithful and must leave her flat to look for a new job and a new place to live. At an audition, he meets a kind and hearty actor, Sam, who is about to go on tour and offers him the hospitality of a bachelor flat.… Continue reading BODY DOUBLE