A lid is popped off a coffin in the drawing room of a country house. A gorgeous six-year old, Iris, is revealed. Confused yet curious, she is taken in hand by Bianca, the leader of a group of girls who live in one of five houses that make up an unusual boarding school. The only… Continue reading INNOCENCE

CONTROL by Nimrod Antal

On the Budapest metro, the ticket inspectors or the “kontroll” are universally despised. And within the hierarchy of inspectors itself, the ragtag gang of misfits led by twenty something Bulscu are the lowest of the low. Bulscu has gone underground to escape from his past and from himself. He never leaves the subway, sleeping on… Continue reading CONTROL by Nimrod Antal


Rene is a multimedia artist who runs an internet webcam site depicting bears in their many forms. He’s working on his next full-blown gallery installation, his own bearish frame perpetually surrounded by countless props, devices and cameras. He lives in the ballroom of an abandoned dancehall on the coast of France, sharing the space and… Continue reading DANCING


A black limousine and two Jaguar sport cars drive through a Eastern European wasteland of half-ruined, often completely abandoned manors, overgrown roads and empty, dilapidated churches. A couple of locals, listlessly hanging around, watch these passing jewels of western civilization. Six people, firmly settled in the safety of their cars, are hoping to retrieve the… Continue reading FATHERLAND – A HUNTING LOGBOOK


Teenage schoolgirl Luchino Fujisaki hasn’t attended class in months. Today, she’s heading back. Luchino lives in a vast, underground complex, consisting of hundreds of towns stacked one atop the other, connected by a network of giant elevators. She boards one and it passes floor after floor, taking on a variety of passengers. Luchino shares her… Continue reading HELLEVATOR


Irene is hired as a receptionist in an isolated, virtually inaccessible hotel in the Austrian Alps. The humourless proprietor is fanatically obsessed with cleanliness and order. The other employees are equally odd, remote, reserved and strangely reticent. She is replacing Eva, a girl who has disappeared without a trace. Irene learns that the area has… Continue reading HOTEL


Ever fallen in love with someone ? Ever stayed in a relationship longer than was sensible ? Ever had a ring pull grow where your belly button used to be ? If your name is Audrey, then the answer to all three is yes. Bored, restless and plagued by dark, twisted dreams, she lives with… Continue reading JELLY DOLLY


Lonely dreamer Momoko finds herself stuck in the paddy fields of rural Ibaraki prefecture when her petty criminal of a father has to skip town after his latest scam went wrong. She yearns of escaping back into the opulent world of the 18th century court of Versailles, when the aristocracy idled their days away in… Continue reading KAMIKAZE GIRLS


Nina is a poor illustrator, living in the big metropolis of Sao Paulo. She rents a room from Eulalia, a bitter old hag. Due to her habitual drug use, she looses her job, which was also her only viable source of income. With Nina constantly behind on the rent, Eulalia starts a sadistic power game… Continue reading NINA


A big dilapidated building in Moscow. The Temple of Love is a commune composed of those who choose to live on the fringes of society and those who are forced there. The many children tottering around belong to everybody and nobody. A relished meal might consists of half-eaten scraps and its charismatic, half-crazed leader urges… Continue reading A PLACE ON EARTH


Min has lost his wife in a plane crash, a tragedy he foresaw in a dream shortly before it occurred. Tormented by grief and unable to forget his beloved, Min trudges through his existence with no apparent will to live. He cannot get back to his job at a TV station, instead drowning his days… Continue reading SPIDER FOREST


Leading politician Simon Peyrelevade is driving along a deserted road, relieved that he didn’t put a gun to his head to end it all. Exiting his car, he falls to the ground, having been hit by a tiny piece of cosmic debris. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, he heads to his late father’s… Continue reading SUPERNOVA (EXPERIMENT #1)


The Haruna family live in a hilly region just outside Tokyo. Father Noburo commutes to his hypnosis practice in the city. His wife Yoshiko works at home on an animation project that she hopes will re-establish her after having raised two kids. They are teenage boy Hajime and Sachiko, his 6-year old, over-imaginative sister. Sachiko… Continue reading THE TASTE OF TEA


A village in Northern England. The only evidence of modern technology are a few rusty tractors. Two sisters, Francine and Kath, are happy to live free of much interference from the drunken louts, withered crones and gibbering madmen who otherwise populate the area. That changes when a brutal young farmer, Buto, marries Kath in order… Continue reading THIS FILTHY EARTH


Teoh’s girlfriend has recently left him, taking most of her possessions, including the washing machine, leaving him unable to cope with life and the laundry. He buys a second-hand one that turns out to have more temperament than any warranty deal ever warned you about. The unit promptly breaks down, initiating a series of customer… Continue reading THE BEAUTIFUL WASHING MACHINE


Tom and Barry Howe are twins. They are joined at the chest and share a liver. They’re teenagers with quite distinctive personalities. Barry is the more mischievous, hot-headed of the two, while Tom is more reserved and thoughtful. They are plucked from rural obscurity by a 70ties music promoter, groomed into rock stars and soon… Continue reading BROTHERS OF THE DEAD


Marvin, a young man, moves into a unit of an old decrepit apartment building. He doesn’t really want to live there, but it’s his way of expressing his independence from his mother. Every night, he hears awful sounds of abuse emanating from his neighbour’s apartment. The noise turns out to be an abusive cop who… Continue reading THE ECHO


AD 2015. The world’s major cities are decimated by a terrible plague, a highly contagious virus that fills those it infects with unbearable dread, then with overwhelming despair. This fatal disease, without a cure, is called the Lemming Syndrome. In an isolated country mansion, two musicians, Nizui and Asuhara, live in seclusion. They devote themselves… Continue reading ELI, ELI, LEMA SABACHTANI?


Sumida is a severely handicapped man. Despite his physical limitations and contrary to cultural misconceptions about the handicapped, he has all the desires and personality traits of a physically normal man. He loves to party, eat good food and dance to the music of his caregiver Take’s hardcore band. However, Sumida’s life begins falling apart… Continue reading LATE BLOOMER


1) Mars Canal. A stark naked man staggers across a barren wilderness before collapsing at the rim of a crater lake and descending into a world of nightmares. 2) Mirror Hell. Detective Kogoro Akechi investigates a string of beautiful women corpses, all of which are linked back to a mad mirror maker. 3) The Caterpillar.… Continue reading RAMPO NOIR


1) A group of menacing soldiers on horseback challenge a local farm boy to contests of shooting, high jumping and running. When the boy is about to win the final race, the commander of the unit takes aim and shoots him dead. Fortunately, his grandmother’s mystical knowledge may be able to heal his wounds. 2)… Continue reading THE PORCELAIN DOLL


Life is a passing show for wide-eyed and seemingly well-meaning Mr. Seman, who can be dependably found most days either hanging out the kitchen window of his small urban apartment or pacing around in front of the door in boxer shorts and t-shirt. Apparently a harmless sort, he befriends a local woman and her daughter,… Continue reading SHARK IN THE HEAD


Reiko has been a best-selling author since her debut at a fairly young age. 10 years have passed and she can’t find meaning in writing anymore. To overcome her writers block, she moves into a quiet village. One day, she happens to see an archaeologist, Yoshioka, carrying something that looks like a corpse into the… Continue reading LOFT


A man wakes up to find himself locked in a tiny, cramped concrete room, in which he can barely move. Why is he there and where did he come from? All he knows is that he has a terrible stomach injury and is slowly bleeding to death. He begins to explore the narrow confines of… Continue reading HAZE


Brother and sister Elliott and Allison and their friends Trevor and Brian are on their way to a Halloween wedding. They have an accident on a remote road and are forced to spend the night at a distinctly unfriendly barn out in the middle of nowhere. They are trespassing, to be sure. Just the same,… Continue reading THE ROOST


After a failed suicide attempt, Dawn is sent by her psychiatrist on a trip to recuperate. She visits an old family flat in a remote apartment by the sea. Heavily sedated with medication and alcohol, she tries to decode her life through the pages of a journal. Walking on the deserted beach, she finds a… Continue reading VENUS DROWNING


A man with Down syndrome smashes a snail. Another snail arrives and despairs over the death of her fellow gastropod. Then the King arrives in his fantasy underworld. Maybe he’s the conscience or the inner psyche of the snailkiller ? The King has a minstrel. He plays a very racist song. Next we see a… Continue reading WHAT IS IT?


House painter Guy Maddin arrives by rowboat at his childhood home of Black Notch Island, having come to repaint the family lighthouse at the request of his dying mother. But before Maddin can set his paint brush upon the lighthouse, he finds himself awash in a tide of turbulent, long-suppressed memories. As an adolescent, Guy… Continue reading BRAND UPON THE BRAIN!

1, 2, 3 WHITEOUT

In a future present, Véronique finds herself employed by an inventor who has dedicated himself to the cause of a “positive darkness”. He’s working to counter the tide of a bright, diffuse and technologically oriented time. Through a series of experiments with the inventor, Véronique learns to re-integrate the blinding light of the present back… Continue reading 1, 2, 3 WHITEOUT


Jack is a loner confined to a workbench in the back of an antique shop. When a mysterious woman presents him with a broken antique clock, unexplainable events begin to occur. After finding Albert Einstein’s journal on his still unsolved United Field Theory, Jack becomes compulsive about analysing time and theorizing its connection to his… Continue reading THE 4th DIMENSION


Each morning, Beirut awakens to a new victim of what seems to be a serial killer. Victims are found emptied of their blood with two small puncture marks in their neck. Khalil, a forty year-old doctor, has just returned to the hospital after a long illness. He’s often absent from work and suffers from strange… Continue reading LE DERNIER HOMME


It’s the very, very, very near future. Denmark is ruled by the New Copenhagen Criteria, a policy aimed at securing the nation’s survival. They target citizens who have received more from society than what they have contributed. You have committed social fraud or tax evasion. You’re a drug addict or an alcoholic. You can’t take… Continue reading HOW TO GET RID OF THE OTHERS


A bloodthirsty killer roams the forest. The sound of water flowing deep beneath the earth, fills his mind. He hears an unknown voice, passing through the depths of his unconscious, his id, emanating from the murmuring of an underground stream. Captivated by this voice, the man descends and is swept away by raging river waters.… Continue reading ID


The 18th century. Jean Berlot is on his way to an insane asylum where his mother has died. Plagued by recurring nightmares of men in white coats, Jean’s nocturnal outbursts attract the attention of fellow traveller the Marquis, who offers the hapless man a lift. Hesitantly accepting the strange aristocrat’s hospitality, Jean spies his host… Continue reading LUNACY


Well-known Danish actor Nicolas Bro’s marriage is on the rocks. His wife Lene has grown tired of their relationship. Instead of grabbing the bull by the horns, Bro decides to save his marriage by filming a love story with him and Lene playing the lead roles as themselves. Bro’s good friend, director Christoffer Boe, lends… Continue reading OFFSCREEN


Yoshioka is an experienced and yet stressed-out police detective. When he has to investigate a murder in which he seems to be involved himself, he comes close to having a nervous breakdown that could degenerate at any moment into real insanity. On top of that, he is troubled by the ghost of a woman in… Continue reading RETRIBUTION


Roman is a lonely man who spends most of the time at home by himself, waiting for the girl in his building to see her returning from work. One afternoon, chance finally favours poor Roman and he gets to share a beer with his dream girl. Just when things are starting to look up for… Continue reading ROMAN


Young game enthusiast Miroku is looking for thrills to escape his boring life. The opportunity presents itself when he finds a strange advertisement on a packet of tissues : “We are looking for people who are craving the ultimate excitement. Join” Miroku soon finds out that it’s a “members only” website. Candidates who pass… Continue reading WICKED FLOWERS


Set in an undisclosed time and place, the inhabitants of “The City Without A Voice” have lost their voices to the sinister Mr. TV. Their lives are subjected to controlled television programming, accompanied by equally mind-numbing TV-dinners. However, this is not enough for Mr. TV. He also wants to control their thoughts. So he and… Continue reading THE AERIAL


A devious, seemingly sympathetic, self-obsessed ghost starts asking strange questions. What is the reason for his being a ghost ? How did he get into this limbo in the afterlife ? He has no memories about his actions as a ghost and certainly doesn’t know how he became one. But he does know he’s been… Continue reading I AGAINST GHOST


Rico Bartsch is a loner. He’s not successful with girls, nor is he athletic. His limited sense of hearing makes him live in his own world. Whenever he’s fed up with his environment, he just switches off his hearing aid. One day, his classmate Robert Greiner dies because he has eaten a poisoned éclair. Rico… Continue reading HEAD UNDER WATER


Maly lives in a small township. After a mysterious mining accident that robs him of his father and which creates an emotional gulf between him and his mother, he‘s left to his own devices. To get to the housing complex where he lives, Maly has to cross an area known as Dead Ground, which also… Continue reading HYENA


When her father dies, Mihiro doesn’t even have the time to bury him, as she gets raped repeatedly by his brother. She picks the maggots off her father’s face and has forced sex with her uncle on the hard wooden floor beneath the bed upon which her father still lays. Finally, she manages to kill… Continue reading LOVE RUNS FASTER THAN BLOOD


Z and X are a vampire couple, living in an old warehouse in inner-city Melbourne. Over the course of one night, they go about their regular business, teaming up with the poet-cannibal Seers and another vampire Vee. After a strange encounter with the mysterious Rola, the fabric of Z and X’s world begins to change.… Continue reading A NOCTURNE


José, a systems engineer, discovers the symptoms of lytomiasis, a mortal and strange disease that, according to the media, has arrived in the city from the Amazon jungle. Whoever is attacked by the virus, dies a few days later as the body is totally covered by a second skin of voracious bacteria. Horrified, José tries… Continue reading OTHERS


Daniel is drowning in pills to get over the split with his girlfriend Natalie, but he’s also haunted by recurring images of horrific murders that took place in his backyard. The time gap between the grisly killings and the present remains undefined, but their immediacy in Daniel’s subconscious, cause with the young man a strong… Continue reading POP SKULL


The 1950ties. A cold winter night that never seems to end. A black-faced assassin is consigned to commit a murder at the request of mob boss Rolo Toles. The assassin returns to Rolo claiming success, but the paranoid mobster needs more proof than the killer can provide. The assassin escapes into the city with a… Continue reading NOBODY


Iasonas meets Penelope at a dinner with mutual friends at his home. Everything begins here and everything will keep starting from here. They go out, they get to know each other, and at some point Penelope moves in. He can share everything with her. Even that childhood game of trying to control his dreams. Until… Continue reading TALE 52


In the not-too distant future, 17 year-old Tye and his family move to the burgeoning metropolis of Real City, where, bored with classes, he spends his time daydreaming until one day he finds a magic stone that allows him to pass through walls. On a field trip to a museum, Tye meets NoNo, a deaf… Continue reading THE WALL-PASSER


Are you fed up with this society and its corrupt politicians, meaningless wars and unjust distribution of the riches of this Earth ? So what do you do ; revolt ? But where and how ? In order to make a real difference, disappointed dreamers and idealists from all over the planet have created a… Continue reading 8TH WONDERLAND


Why can’t life be as simple as a dream about winning the lottery or getting that promotion ? Unfortunately, most dreams have at least one point in common : they don’t come true. Jin, an artist, just has a nightmare about having a car accident on the way to his ex’s. Next thing you know,… Continue reading DREAM


Who doesn’t want to live forever ? What is more absurd than to be eaten by worms ? Coffin Joe is on a quest for eternity. But he has no ethics or morality. Joe doesn’t care about mystical metaphysics or religious nonsense. He wants a child who will embody perfection. Until then, his purpose is… Continue reading EMBODIMENT OF EVIL


Cee, a young pregnant woman, is one of the passengers of a damaged train that slowly trudges along in a hostile post-apocalyptic landscape. Nobody knows what keeps the engine running. The passengers are separated from the mysterious engineers that control the train. Maybe the dead serve as fuel ? Cee can not remember how the… Continue reading FROM INSIDE


A reminder for future fathers, but also for the others – insofar as it is possible to find one or two active spermatozoids in this vale of tears – never ever disagree with a pregnant woman ! Madeline, for example, is a slightly stubborn woman. Especially concerning the birth of her daughter Grace. Don’t mention… Continue reading GRACE


Once you have experienced the big city with its shopping mall, trendy bars and boys who don’t smell of sweat before 5pm and who do not greet you by putting their hand on your ass, going back to the countryside can be traumatizing. Especially if this countryside is located in the deep south of Argentina,… Continue reading I’LL NEVER DIE ALONE


All Kyoichi Kagenuma wants is to be left alone with his own nightmares and misery, debating suicide as a means to end it all. But solitude will not come, as he has to take up his role of Sherlock Freud again. Harassed by Yukie, a sleepless schoolgirl whose nights are haunted by a dead fellow… Continue reading NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE 2


For seven days, young blogger Michelangelo uses his cell phone to register the hectic preparations for the new fashion show of renowned designer Merlin. He interview a very diverse group of people : celebrity supermodel Minx, financier Tiny Diamonds, sewstress Anita de Los Angeles, pizza delivery boy Vijay, war photographer Frank and fashion critic Mona… Continue reading RAGE


Who is this young fellow living with his mother in this lost place ? Is it the North of Finland or is it Estonia ? What has his father done to deserve being in jail ? How can they survive in this miserable farm and in the cold ? Who is this visitor seeking shelter… Continue reading THE STRANGER


A man without a name and only wearing a brightly coloured pyjama, wakes up in a white, empty room. He doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know how he got there neither how he can get out of the room. But the man will soon realize that the place functions according to its own… Continue reading SYMBOL


Hard to deny it, 2012 is a year that gives us the jitters. No Roland Emmerich popping up with a happy end, not even the shadow of Bruce Willis bawling “Armaggeddon !!!” while riding a huge interstellar rock. Just three losers in a Tokyo music store feeling very lonely while staring at the enormous meteorite… Continue reading FISH STORY


Victor Hugo’s Romanticism will take quite a blow! No more chaste maidens beating their breasts in silence. Suffragettes will be pleased with the emergence of a new female prototype : the woman with cojones ! This is what recently divorced Alex will discover in Ingrid, his new neighbor, when he moves into a flat in… Continue reading INGRID


We can be proud of our techno-thrilling comfort: our famous window to the world, broadened by cable, digital TV, Internet, Bluetooth… Nothing escapes anymore from the Peeping Toms we’ve become! We’re happy, we’ve got enough shit to talk about during boring diners with our boss or booze competitions with our friends. But, and this might… Continue reading 1


The 30ties. A Japanese boat is fishing for crabs. Shinjo and his fellow shipmates are treated as animals by captain Asakawa, a handsome brute in a white uniform. Cursing and screaming, he pushes his crew to their limits, all in the name of the Emperor. Shinjo is desperate. He only sees redemption in death, hoping… Continue reading KANIKOSEN


Manipulating crowds with an anti-dandruff shampoo which transforms hair into transmitters ; L’Oréal could never have come up with that one ! Yet, that’s what Roger, a little insignificant functionary, is going to learn at his expense. Let’s set the scene. It’s 2024, the Middle Eeast’s oil wells are dry well and the cities of… Continue reading METROPIA


Aspiring movie maker Marko’s career as a horror director doesn’t get off the ground. He tries to do better with porn, but his unorthodox style chases away producers and investors. Having had enough, he gathers a bunch of junkies, homosexuals and transvestites and hits the back roads with a travelling porn circus. This does, of… Continue reading LIFE AND DEATH OF A PORNO GANG


One Eye is a fierce, mute warrior covered with scars. He’s being held prisoner by a tribe that uses his martial skills for death or alive gladiator style contests. One Eye’s existence, chained to a stake with his only human contact being the boy who brings him food, is a monotonous succession of bloodshed. When… Continue reading VALHALLA RISING


A film crew is shooting a documentary about a family of vampires. They’re trying to find the answers to the questions we all have. Who are they ? Do they drink anything else but blood ? What does their social life look like ? Do they need to go to the dentist ? Can they… Continue reading VAMPIRES


Ayu is a 16-year-old senior high school student. She wakes up one day and finds herself leading a life which feels familiar but somehow strange to her. Her home has been turned into a clinic and her family have disappeared! After stumbling into a series of bewildering incidents, she comes to the conclusion that, just… Continue reading AYU


Spanish gangster Carlos has lost a mysterious bag in Poland and wants his Austrian colleague Harry to get it back for him. But Harry doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and calls in a favour from the Viennese small-time crook Schorsch. He just wants to sit around and watch car races all day, so… Continue reading CONTACT HIGH


Grandmother is a real pain in the ass. She’s always giving her daughter-in-law Dolores a hard time, even getting her son Lucio to rape her on the dining table. All of this in front of Miranda, her granddaughter, and retarded Dully, the incestuous side-effect of Lucio mistaking his mother for his wife. Two years later,… Continue reading FEROZZ THE WILD RED RIDING HOOD


1) The routine existence of the childlike man Ovreneli Vreneligari is turned completely upside down when he sets eyes for the first time on the stunningly beautiful Milocroze. His obsessive love for her makes him loose himself. 2) Kumagai Besson is a foul mouthed youth counselor with a strange hairdo and a sexy entourage. Accompanied… Continue reading MILOCRORZE


Five individuals with contrasting profiles compete for a position within “Matsuika”, a multinational corporation recently set up in Morocco. Following an interview with the CEO, they are advised to undertake a mysterious test in a secret location to determine who will hold the position. All five applicants accept and are led into a distressing bus… Continue reading MIRAGES


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” No, this is not one of Leo Di Caprio’s lines from “Inception”. It’s Edgar Allan Poe who came up with this quote and director Hou Chi-jan has applied it to his film. “One Day” is none other than a shorter version of… Continue reading ONE DAY


Did Andrey unknowingly lick a stamp dipped in LSD ? When he wakes up, it seems like the world has ended. The streets of his megalopolis are empty and, instead of good old rusty Ladas, he discovers smoking tanks and cars burnt to a cinder. Even worse, the sky seems to have been completely chlorinated… Continue reading REJECTION


Naine is a terrific vamp who easily attracts male attention, but lately she hasn’t been feeling that well. Her complexion has started to look alarmingly like Bukowski’s liver ; her appetite is as ravenous as an anorexic in front of a juicy quarter pounder and she feels depressed as hell. Naine decides to build an… Continue reading THE SNOW QUEEN


Office worker Anthony, son of an American father and a Japanese mother, lives in Tokyo with his wife Yuriko and their little son Tom. Since Anthony’s mother died of cancer, his scientist father has been overly fearful for their health and rigidly subjects Anthony and Tom to monthly physicals. Walking home, Tom is killed in… Continue reading TETSUO : THE BULLET MAN


In 1940, a strange thing happened to the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire. One day, for an unknown reason, they all abandoned their homes and walked up an ancient trail. They were never seen alive again. For over 70 years, their fate has been a mystery. Now a team of researchers and film-makers, along… Continue reading YELLOW BRICKROAD


Tony is completely stuck in a mid-life existential crisis since his father died. He watches the world around him and notices a slight smell of the apocalypse. His fellow men seem to be bored stiff and pass the time by organizing nihilistic orgies or by metaphysically giving the same importance to questions like e.g.“Give me… Continue reading THE TEMPTATION OF ST TONY


Truly, deeply, and especially madly: all the layers of love gathered in one single story. Bruno loves his wife Maxine. He remembers the passion of the first days, a dream come true, love at first sight, blablabla… basically, all the clichés of tear-jerking romance novels. But their love is not what it once used to… Continue reading BEAST


15-year old Sumida’s only ambition is to lead a normal life. And that’s not something easy to aspire to in post-Fukushima Japan. His mother ran off with her lover, leaving Sumida alone in charge to run the family’s boat rental business. His alcoholic, gamblingaddicted father regularly passes by to steal money and to beat up… Continue reading HIMIZU


Young-gun is a very frustrated young man. He never had a girlfriend and is still a virgin. He puts all his energy and frustration in crime-fighting. Dressed up as a superhero and with a fake mustache to avoid being recognized, he patrols the streets of Seoul, looking for injustice. When Young-gun sees how three men… Continue reading INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI


Kotoko is a young woman with a serious mental dysfunction. She sees double and we’re not talking about blurry vision here, but about two versions of the same person. One is real and the other is an aggressive doppelganger. She’s never certain which one she’s facing, until the evil hallucination attacks her. This leads to… Continue reading KOTOKO


Jeremia, a sharp shooter in the Estonian army, was sent to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban. Instead he found himself taken prisoner by them. During his years of captivity, he converted to Islam. Now the man everyone thought was dead has returned home. Jeremia is looking for his daughter Angel. His only leads are… Continue reading LETTERS TO ANGEL


A man regains consciousness with a hood over his head and his hands tied behind his back. He has no idea who he is or how he got there. In his trouserpocket he finds a piece of paper with a name written on it : Manny Elder. When he collapses of exhaustion, he’s found by… Continue reading PIG


Poongsan, whose real name and life story are unknown, is a courier who crosses the demarcation line between the two Koreas, delivering everything from video games and letters to refugees between separated families in the two countries. One day he is commissioned to smuggle the lover of a high profile North Korean defector to the… Continue reading POONGSAN

SHUFFLE by Kurt Kuenne

Lovell Milo doesn’t like to sleep. Not because he’s scared of the dark or because he twists and turns for hours before ending up in dreamland. It’s because he never knows when or where he’s going to wake up. Every time Milo opens his eyes, it’s at a different age and at a different day… Continue reading SHUFFLE by Kurt Kuenne


2025. Argentina suffers from the yoke of a giant corporation who has the monopoly of the water supply. One evening, Martinez, a regular Joe from a poor neighborhood, looses his job as a garbage man. When he goes to pee in a public toilet, he meets a strange man who bestows a unique gift upon… Continue reading ZENITRAM


Damien, a convivial and spineless reporter, wants to write a biography of the famous spiritual leader Father Pierre; not really a subject that gets your blood flowing. A few ominous omens try to avert him from his decision, like a bloodstain on the floor or his tongue turning black, but Damien pays little attention. He… Continue reading ABRACADABRA


Syd March serves the public’s obsessive desire for real intimacy with their idols. He is an employee at a company that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. The clinic buys any strain – the common cold to herpes simplex – from big-name celebrities to headline grabbing murderers. It is… Continue reading ANTIVIRAL


The discreet nurse Dou is a loser with a heart of gold. He’s always ready to help his neighbor, even if he constantly mixes up kindness and naivety and has been jinxed for a long time because of a rare stamp that his family has been looking for during two generations. Then there’s Doctor Lai,… Continue reading LEGEND OF THE T-DOG


In a big city like Jakarta, where millions of people live, it’s pretty difficult to feel alone. Nevertheless, that’s exactly how Elang feels. Holed up in his tiny flat, the poor guy is not only constantly haunted by nightmares full of blood and murder, but also by a recurrent vision of a man in a… Continue reading BELENGGU


Sevilla, 1920. The famous matador Antonio Villalta is about to triumph again in the arena and smiles at his pregnant wife Carmen in the crowd. But this short moment is enough for the bull to pierce him with his horns and leave him lying more dead than alive. Antonio is rushed to the hospital. The… Continue reading BLANCANIEVES


Every afternoon a bunch of kids gathers in the woods to play “war”. They use their imagination and turn sticks and water balloons into rifles and grenades. One of their leaders is the tactical genius PK. Besides living for these war-games, he also cares a lot about his best friend Kwon. They have regular sleepovers… Continue reading I DECLARE WAR


Welcome to a futuristic Montreal, where humanity is about to set foot on Mars. Jacob Obus, a charismatic musician, takes pride in slowing down time by playing instruments inspired by women’s bodies. They are designed by his long time friend, Arthur. Their day by day life unfolds in smooth harmony, temporized by gigs and new… Continue reading MARS ET AVRIL


A man is on a holiday in the woods with his wife and two kids when they are surprised by the arrival of an uninvited guest. Before he knows what’s going on, he experiences a time lapse and finds himself separated from his family. The man wakes up in the forest, half buried in an… Continue reading MODUS ANOMALI


Sang-hyun and Dong-hyun were born as conjoined twins with two heads sharing one body. Dong-hyun has the full control of their shared body, except his brother’s head which is attached to the back of his. The two can never look at each other directly, as their heads always face the opposite direction. Dong-hyun looks “normal”… Continue reading THE PEACH TREE