What do you see? As an optometrist assistant, John Pressman is just a dark lab technician. In the clinic, he is the unquestioned master of a magnificent collection of eyeballs lovingly displayed on impressive rows of formalin-filled jars. Back home, he suffers under the yoke of his ball-crushing mother, keen on divination, who spends her… Continue reading ANGUSTIA


Maxie, the famous teenager who made the headlines of the boulevard press in Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties and tragically died after shooting her first film, lives on in our memories as an exceptional woman with a hot-temper. Fifty years later Nick and Jan watch the legendary film of Maxie on television. The duo is… Continue reading MAXIE


The Monster Squad is by no means a bunch of bloodthirsty legless people, lepers or madmen, but indeed a small group of children aged 5 to 15, keen on horror magazines and movies, who built their lair in a tree – nothing monstrous or terrifying here… But some cable length away, DRACULA (himself), more bestial,… Continue reading THE MONSTER SQUAD


He is five years old and has a limitless imagination. Abandoned by his parents, he creates a dreamworld with fairytale friends: a tiny and cranky king, an all-knowing robot and a lovely dragon. Their foolery is as innocent as it is dangerous, until the boy falls in love with a young woman. For her he… Continue reading PICCOLI FUOCHI


A junkyard in a crumbling district of the Bronx, New York, USA: Fred and his younger brother Kevin have been living there in some kind of den made from old tires. Fred is as happy there as he would be anywhere, but Kevin is dying to rejoin “normal” society” and to live a decent life:… Continue reading STREET TRASH