Two young campers, exhausted after a long walk through the wild forests of Texas, stumble over the fence of a seemingly abandoned military camp. Looking for shelter, they go in and discover a swimming pool inside one of the buildings. The young couple, thrilled, decides to go for a swim. After a few minutes of… Continue reading PIRANHAS


Rosaleen has a lovely grandmother. It’s only natural since Grandma is old-fashioned: she gives tons of well-meaning advice to her granddaughter (don’t stray away from the busy paths, don’t talk to men whose eyebrows are growing too close…) and tells her crazy stories starring werewolves, at night by the fireside. All of these stories are… Continue reading THE COMPANY OF WOLVES


Larry Abbot and his fiancée, Vickie Pearle, are performing a thriller drama series on the radio, which knows a steady success through the USA. Very familiar with anxiety, Larry himself is quite the impressionable man, being neurotic and prone to many phobias. In order to cure him and ensure that his marriage works, his uncle,… Continue reading HAUNTED HONEYMOON


Rumor has it that dreams are essential and that whoever would be deprived of them would be bound to die! But if dreams help us live and survive, they can also lead us on the terrifying path of nightmares… which we can only escape by waking up. Nancy Thomson has always had sweet dreams. Obviously:… Continue reading A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET


Fleeing the imperial forces, Princess Leia Organa is taken hostage by Darth Vader, the cursed spirit of the emperor. Before being captured, she only has time to send two droids on the planet Tatooine to warn Obi-Wan Kenobi, the survivor of the Jedi Order—these Cosmos knights—who used to keep peace and justice in the galaxy.… Continue reading STAR WARS


“May the force be with you!” After the destruction of the Death Star, the rebels have taken shelter on Hoth, the icy planet. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo are fighting against the cold climate, but the police of the Empire has found them. Huge war machines are coming in and tracking the fearless,… Continue reading THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK


The Empire has left Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, at the hands of Jabba—a despicable, slimy, grease dripping amphibian who was his boss until Han Solo betrayed and scammed him. Leia, Luke and the others are going to try and get him back, but Jabba’s lair is located on a dry, rocky planet and is… Continue reading RETURN OF THE JEDI


A colonial house with a facade that looks like a worrying face and two windows that look like huge, evil eyes is the scene of a family murder. In the night of November 12, 1974, Ronald De Feo shot his mother, his father, his two brothers and his two sisters. One year later George and Kathleen… Continue reading THE AMITYVILLE HORROR


After 30 years of research “Doc” Brown, an eccentric scientist, has designed and created a time-traveling car in his garage and he is really proud to show it to his young friend Marty. But Marty quickly—and accidentally—finds himself back in 1955! While being there, Marty will finally be able to see if his parents were… Continue reading BACK TO THE FUTURE


Conan agrees to go on a quest given by Queen Taramis because she promised him to resurrect his loved one, Valeria, in exchange for that service. The Cimmerian warrior will have to escort Princess Jehnna during a long journey in enemy territory to retrieve the magical horn of Dagoth, which will give great fortune to… Continue reading CONAN THE DESTROYER


A young couple of actors, Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse, are renting an old building in New York. People have tried to change their mind (the apartment seems to be haunted) but the couple does not believe in such things. This moving-in seems to be coming with good news: Guy, unemployed, soon finds small parts and… Continue reading ROSEMARY’S BABY


A gifted medical student creates a serum destined to reanimate dead people. The first resurrected victim is a horrible black cat, but something is wrong: the cat wakes up angry. Oh, and it scratches! Our young genius wants to try his luck with something that is, according to him, less harmful and easier to control:… Continue reading RE-ANIMATOR


After being dead for seventeen years, Beaufort Frankenstein’s coffin is being opened in his Transylvanian castle. Some anxious members of his family listen to the reading of his will. Seeing as Beaufort thought his son Victor had dishonored the family by creating a monster, he left his house to his great-grandson Frederic, a famous brain… Continue reading YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN


The joint British and American space shuttle “Churchill” comes back from an exploratory expedition. On board, no sign of life: the “Churchill” is not responding and the technicians from the “Columbia” shuttle go on board of it. They discover that it has been wrecked by a raging fire with no survivors. Only three sarcophagi have… Continue reading LIFEFORCE

THE BRIDE by Franc Roddam

The young Baron Frankenstein is about to create his strangest experiment in his secret lab. A few months back, he gave in his Promethean dream of creating a creature, a pathetic blob of fleshes which does not deserve the name of human. Yet deep down, hidden, it is capable of pain and love. To fix… Continue reading THE BRIDE by Franc Roddam


On a Californian road David Mann, sales representative, is quietly driving home. Soon enough, he ends up behind a big truck that is barely moving and blocking the way. After a while, he passes the truck but it quickly catches up to him. The car driver thinks it is just a game, up until the… Continue reading DUEL


Elizabeth is living a peaceful life with her friend and Matthew, her beloved boss at the Health Department, up until her friend becomes strange. Physically, he is still the same but he has suddenly become distant and cold. At first in disbelief Matthew, in whom Elizabeth has confided, ends up believing her when he sees… Continue reading INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS

THE RAVEN by Roger Corman

“And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting on the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; and his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming, and the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; and my soul from out that shadow that… Continue reading THE RAVEN by Roger Corman


The young Baron Frankenstein is about to create his strangest experiment in his secret lab. A few months back, he gave in his Promethean dream of creating a creature, a pathetic blob of fleshes which does not deserve the name of human. Yet deep down, hidden, it is capable of pain and love.To fix this… Continue reading BRAINSTORM