Somewhere deep in the heartlands of Argentina, in a small town where the Nazi’s used to run a hospital that experimented on children, two boys and a girl return after they went missing for a day. Their parents should breathe a huge sigh of relief, but the kids are dirty and naked and do not… Continue reading THE RETURNED


In The near future, the climate confuses arctic frost with tropical showers. Public services have all but disappeared and technology keeps evolving at breakneck pace. The streets of Buenos Aires are filled with the sounds of sirens from police cars and ambulances. The first are there to smother any kind of protest, while the latter… Continue reading THE MISSING PART


Even though he’s surrounded by puma’s, anacondas, jaguars and other lethal creatures, there’s only one species that the farmer of Rio Preama in Argentina fears the most: man. The large landowners may claim that they have their best interests at heart, behind the scenes they’ve got some shady individuals to “negotiate” with the last independent… Continue reading EL ARDOR


This is not an adaptation of a Lana Del Rey album, but both contain very spicy subject matter. Almost all the employees of a spicy sauce factory are slaughtered. Responsible for this drama: hitman Victor Patibulo, notorious for sucking on a pacifier ever since his favorite poodle got killed. One body is absent among the… Continue reading BORN TO DIE

Argentina Focus

Some faraway countries are only known through worn out stereotypes such as beer & fries for Belgium. When we think of Argentina, we see Maradona and Messi tango with a ball, we travel to the end of the world in Patagonia and we shed a tear for Eva Peron. But this impossibly long country, which… Continue reading Argentina Focus