2nd Fantasy Art Happening

Open op donderdag en zaterdag van 14 tot 20 uur, vrijdag van 14 tot 24 uur. A hybrid brain in a jar, a rusty brown skeleton hanging from the ceiling, a panoply of animal skulls and bones… The GALERIE D’ENFER specialises in the fantastic, the erotic and the farcical. Its diabolical creator David P., aided… Continue reading 2nd Fantasy Art Happening

La Quinta Essentia

Into the 20th century and under the sign of the scorpion Gerard Riksen was born in the cold, still post-war climate of the mid50ties. As a toddler, images started appearing to him, the source of which he could not find in the world around him.Slowly but surely he became aware of forlorn cultures that revealed… Continue reading La Quinta Essentia


Originating from the most independent and radical branch of the French comic strip, the driving forces behind the international art collective “Le Dernier Cri” operate from a (silk-screen)printing office in Marseilles. They have already published dozens of books, posters, record sleeves and fanzines, of which “L’Hôpital Brut” is the crown jewel. This initiative will be… Continue reading LE DERNIER CRI / L’ HÔPITAL BRUT

3rd Fantasy Art Happening

For those who don’t know what Hell looks like, it seems that in the centre of Brussels (two steps from the Grand-Place) there’s this place which is chock-a-block with fantasy, erotic and burlesque works of art ! Do not think of leaving this mystical but welcoming place unscathed: l’Enfer will scatter and shake your sense… Continue reading 3rd Fantasy Art Happening

Eurociné posters

During “The Seventh Orbit” homage will be rendered to the production house of the most outrageous French Z-movies : Eurociné. Besides the projection of some films, a dozen large, classic posters will be exhibited in the hallway of the movie theatre. Exhibitions from 17 March till 1 April at Cinema Nova, accessible every day during… Continue reading Eurociné posters

4th Fantasy Art Happening

GALERIE D’ENFER For more than 30 years, scientists from powerful animal protection associations are looking at the skies and are investigating the most remote corners of the planet; searching for signs and signals of othern inhabited worlds. This ultra secret project goes by the name “P.E.E.B” : Protection of Earthly and Extra-Terrestrial Beasties. The Galerie… Continue reading 4th Fantasy Art Happening

Festiv’Art 2002

The meeting of the marvellous, the bizarre and the unusual in all artistic forms (plastic arts, sculpture, painting, …) will take place in various places of the capital: The Maison Bis-A rt Bizarre: “the Museum” – p. 184/185 Rue Américaine 7, 1060 Brussels At the Museum of Fantasy Art, from the 2nd of March till… Continue reading Festiv’Art 2002

5th Fantasy Art Happening

The meeting of the marvellous, the bizarre and the unusual in all artistic forms (plastic arts, sculpture, painting, …) will take place in various places of the capital : The Maison Bis-A rt Bizarre: “the Museum” Rue Américaine 7, 1060 Brussels At the Museum of Fantasy Art, from the 2nd of March till the 30th… Continue reading 5th Fantasy Art Happening

Art Exhibition 2003

Exhibition Between dreams and nightmares The illustrations of Fabrice are an invitation for a journey through a bizarre and sombre universe, peopled by strange characters. He has developed a disturbing fantasy aesthetic wherein his creations mutate into impressionable matter. A broken puppet with a remarkably human anatomy, a man with a cracked stone skin, the… Continue reading Art Exhibition 2003

Brussels Academy of Arts 2003

“Am I fed-up with it ?”A monumental work, created by 3 students of the night class Illustration & Comic- Strips of the Brussels Academy of Arts.• Stéphane DAS• Fabrice WAERNIERS• Alexandre WORONOFF

FESTIV’ART 2006 –3rd Brux-Hell Exhibition

Every Wednesday and Sunday during the BIFFF the Actor’s Studio organizes Fantastikids, a selection of fantastic films especially for children. On the menu: two films a day, animation and make up.


Some explanation in advance : Artief was born in 2004 as an ambitious midget at art conventions.  Today, this art forum has gained recognition thanks to its pursuit of artistic superiority and its live-happening concept. The goose flesh factor : I sometimes tend to describe my selection methods with rational arguments: authentic, renewing art, brought to life… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 2008 – ARTIEF

FESTIV’ART 2012 – Nice to be dead

With his exhibition “NICE TO BE DEAD”,Jean-Marc Laroche gives us a unique insight in the hereafter, where we can see the dead partying like there’s no tomorrow. In this astounding installation, we witness thirteen life-size skeletons who are dancing and swinging like mad, rejoicing themselves in the pleasures of life. This Parisian sculptor already exhibited… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 2012 – Nice to be dead

Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2013

ART GALERY PIETER PAUWEL – where art meets art The name speaks for itself. In Pieter Pauwels Art Gallery, different art forms meet each other. We propose selected paintings, sculptures, ceramics, porcelains, installations and contemporary art of domestic and foreign artists. Pieter Pauwel decorations selects works from different materials and guarantees to bring a warm… Continue reading Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2013

Hell at the Gates

Zombies and Other Strange Paintings Hell at the gates! What is the place of the zombie in our collective consciousness? Why do they fascinate us so much? When and in what shape do they appear in our lives? Those are the questions I’ve been asking myself for months now while making a series of small… Continue reading Hell at the Gates


Squid Lab are true explorers of faraway lands. Just for the sake of entertainment, they went on an adventure to the lost islands of the Bermuda Triangle and returned with the strangest artefacts. Your jaws will drop all the way to the ground when encountering these morbid societies, mutated beasties and unexplained phenomena. They’ve risked… Continue reading Triorrifik

2nd International Art Contest

The BIFFF is organizing the second edition of its International Art Contest, an event that was an immediate success at its first edition in 2016. Dozens of participants realized a painting in 5 hours during a Live Performance. The competition will take place every evening from 5 till 12 April with Fantastic Art as theme.… Continue reading 2nd International Art Contest

3rd International Art Contest

From Thursday 5 to Friday 13 April 2018, every other day, from 5 pm till 10 pmAward Ceremony: Saturday 14 April 2018 – 7 pm1st Prize: official participation to the ArtBIFFF 2019 exhibition The BIFFF is organizing the third edition of its International Art Contest, an event that was an immediate success at its first… Continue reading 3rd International Art Contest

4th International Art Contest

The selected candidates will present a Live Performance of 5 hours, at the end of which they will have to finalize and present a painting to a professional jury. These public and free performances take place the 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th and 18th of April from 5 till 10 p.m. at the BIFFF. Embracing… Continue reading 4th International Art Contest

5th International Art Contest

5th International Art Contest Practical information: Dates: 8, 10, 11, 14, 16 and 17 April from 5 till 10 PM in the Art Contest room. Deliberation  & award ceremony: 18 April 2020  at 7 PM. Subscription: via our website. There will be painting material available, but we strongly suggest that you also bring your own… Continue reading 5th International Art Contest

Online Pieter Pauwel Gallery

Festivart 2021 Discover our BIFFF exhibition through our virtual gallery! 06.04 – 18.04 – ONLINE BIFFF and Art Projects Pieterpauwel exhibit the magnificent works of PALIX, NATHAN VRANCKX & RAPHAEL VANHOMWEGEN (RVH) Palix “Palix is known for his aquarelle sketches of the major trials that have shaken Belgium since 2003 (Cools, Dutroux, Fourniret or more… Continue reading Online Pieter Pauwel Gallery


At the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller and Science-Fiction Films you can see amazing things and not only at the silver screen. As usual we make a plea to several extraordinary sculptors, painters and other artists to give our Festivalroom a “Fantastic” sight.They’ll introduce you in a sparkling, unearth world where you go from… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 1996

Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2020

Festiv’Art 202007.04 – 19.04 @BOZAR Our beloved Festiv’art opens its doors for a retrospective of the winners of the last four editions of the Art Contest! They’re also presenting new work this year. Do you want to shiver of pure pleasure and horror, with so many beautiful pieces of art in many different styles to… Continue reading Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2020

Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2017

Nathan Vranckx Nathan Vranckx (Brussels, 1984°) graduated as an illustrator in Liège. He spent much of his childhood drawing and made his debut in graffiti before starting to paint on canvas, panels and other supports. Passionate about fantastic worlds and horror, he plunges his work into a resolutely “low-brow” surrealist pop style. He also runs… Continue reading Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2017


David De Graef’s visionary creations. This painter, who prefers disturbance to order, invites you to plunge into the depths of an obsessive world where no moral value is absolute. His sharp insight on our institutions and emotions traps you in a universe where reflection and fear coexist. David De Graef’s world is definitely strange. It’s… Continue reading PIETER PAUWEL GALLERY 2016

FESTIV’ART 2011 – The Squid Lab Team

Squid Lab presents : the “CREATURE” exhibition The “Squid Lab” team takes you to an amazing universe of international artists gathered around the theme of the “CREATURE”. Sculptures, paintings, art dolls and other art works, from the smallest to the most monumental !


Worn, leathers, oxidized metals, twisted materials, bare wires, parts with holes and peeling paint… are looking for each other to come back to life in another form in a new world. Come and discover or rediscover the work of Stephane Halleux. About forty pieces lent by private collectors will be exhibited on that occasion.


Dear Amateur d’Art, Artief persists and signs For the second time, a rigorous selection of artists exposes and creates at the BIFFF. Multidisciplinary creators from Belgium… and from the rest of the world, show their recent works and will create new ones, on the spot, as a happening. David De Graef : peintures / schilderijen / paintings 0494… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 2009 – ARTIEF


This internationally renowned artist can present a n impressive résumé. But that’s not the point. The evolution of an artist can be traced by his work. Behind every journey, there’s a story and in this case it starts with : “Once upon a time a little boy became intrigued by the magic world of insects… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 2006 – MARC

FESTIV’ART 2006 – Henri Moonen

METAL SCULPTURESLifeless matter Unusable, forgotten In the back of an attic… Who, with a gifted soul Of a forgotten poet Can finally reveal ! To create Authentic witnesses Cheeky philosophers… Everything from nothing ! To imagine… To exhibit… To realise… A beautiful “truthful” trio.


The brain and artistic designer of “Alien-Expo”. This culturally deranged person, well known in unusual and fantastic circles, thanks to the Rencontres d’Art, the Halloween Festival, the Musée d’Art Fantastique,… invites you to discover the most recent alienesque creations, in which the wondrous and the surreal melt together with plastic arts. Dircken is also, together… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 2005 – MICHEL DIRCKEN

FESTIV’ART 2001 – Daniel Monic

Daniel Monic A fantastic and philosophical search into the collective unconsciousness. Because of his philosophical and analytical dimension and his very personal approach of Fantasy without phantasms (which is even more strengthened by his extraordinary talent), we find ourselves in the presence of a True Master of the Genre ! Time has stopped in Daniel… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 2001 – Daniel Monic

FESTIV’ART 1997 – De Graef, Poncin, Vaufrey, Zvonock, Tegan, de Spiegeleire & ArtCadia

Michel A. De Spiegeleire “.Krazgoyarsk, East Siberia10 May 1995 Institute of Pathology” After a search of 3 years the collection “Humboldt-Fonteyne” is recovered in the basement of the Institute of Pathology of the Uhiversity of Krazgoyarsk. Alexandre Humboldt-Fonteyne, bom in 1883. disappeared mysteriously in Lima in 1939. He left an impressive collection of zoological and… Continue reading FESTIV’ART 1997 – De Graef, Poncin, Vaufrey, Zvonock, Tegan, de Spiegeleire & ArtCadia

6th International Art Contest

Attention… Ready… paint ! We are back! Five days with five hours of live painting, with only one instruction: the theme of the painting is Fantastic Art. A basic supply of paint and standard 80 x 100 cm canvases will be provided. This Live Performance is open to the public and the finished artworks will… Continue reading 6th International Art Contest


For its 40th birthday the BIFFF presents an exhibition in the shape of a “best of” its previous exhibitions, with a playful look into the artistic rearview mirror.


Dreamlike, imaginary worlds that take on space travel and the preservation of our planet… Ladies and gents, we present to you the fantastic works of Jacques Lélut.

Coeur de Baleine

Through sculpture, installation art and performance, I work with metal. The status is not important when talking about the material. I tirelessly try to modify the invisible particles of steel. It is mainly to provoke a shift in the every-day shape of objects, I seek to move the atoms to the limits of their capacities.… Continue reading Coeur de Baleine


We are all pupils at the Matteo Ricci high school, which opened its door in 2019. It is one of three Jesuit schools in Brussels. In our expressive arts class, we express ourselves using our pencils. We wanted to redraw the BIFFF poster in our own way. Matteo Ricci was lucky to be able to… Continue reading LE BIFFF A LA SAUCE RICCI