This year the exhibition “Trolls & Tiny Creatures” is back for a 14th edition that will exceptionally take place at the BIFFF! Come and discover the fantastic works of numerous Belgian and international artists from April 11 to 21 and delve into a unique universe inhabited by extraordinary creatures. More information on

Where is Damien ?

Inspired by the imaginary worlds of horror and fantasy, Raphaëlle Schotsmans stages her fascination in this series for transgression and the mysteries of the human psyche. Her images oscillate between fetishism and sadomasochism and question, through elaborate and extremely detailed stagings, the threshold of pain that humans can inflict on themselves for pleasure, and that… Continue reading Where is Damien ?

La Ballerine

In an apocalyptic setting, Raphaëlle Schotsmans invites us to a metamorphosis. A ballerina evolves. Sometimes seeming to bend under the weight of an imaginary hand. Sometimes rising towards the air. The artist forces us to be demanding, nothing is revealed at first glance, You have to embrace the series in its entirety to perceive its… Continue reading La Ballerine