Sangue Nero

16 year old teenager Chiara lives isolated in the middle of the countryside with her mother and her violent step-dad. One night, he abuses her. She experiences both a mental and physical transformation which leads her to a life-saving encounter.

Er wordt voor u gezorgd

When Selim carries out community service in a medieval castle used for psychological rehabilitation, he becomes entangled in the mysteries of their practices.


On the trail of a serial killer, a police investigator with formidable instincts is close to the goal when state security interferes in his case.

En fin de conte

Apprentice filmmaker, Juan makes a documentary portrait of Coco, a thirty-something-year-old marginal. The film is quickly called into question when Juan discovers that Coco thinks she’s a fairy in a disenchanted society.

La Relève

The succession is there. And it’s not a done deal…


Rhena’s father disappears into the night. Searching for him, she follows his last story. This brings her to the heart of the woods, where Atlas lives.

Souvenirs de la Lune

Tonight, the moon will be visible in the sky. Tonight, time will pass differently for everyone.

Black Loves

A duel behind closed doors in the form of verbal jousting that pays tribute to the Film Noir, with a good touch of Belgian-style absurdity.

A Friend’s Friend

Lou kills time by telling Mady the stories of her friends’ friends. And if one day, a story happens to her friend?


INERT is a psychological slow burn horror. After the death of his father, Casper is plagued by feelings of self-blame and post-traumatic stress. These feelings slowly but surely push him into a corner and force him to face himself.


Déborah, in her thirties, is stuck in a hospital bed following a car accident. As she tries to warn her spouse, she feels a presence in the darkness of the room…


DRIFTER, a metaphorical journey of human wandering.

The Foreman’s Wife

A handful of days in the lives of Sofia and Alex. Together they prepare ‘The Foreman’s Wife’, a play in which Sofia is the director and Alex the lead actor.

The Man Who Touched the Ball

Following his encounter with Mr. Bushy, Mr. Bald will see his life gradually slip out of his control, due… to a giant egg given to him by Mr. Bushy.


Evert and his father Mark lost Rita to an incurable disease a year ago. The grieving process is difficult and an inexplicable fatigue overtakes Mark. There is something ominous in the family home, something that gradually but surely takes control.

The Key

An Israeli family’s equilibrium gradually disintegrates as the mysterious sound of a key is heard every evening in the door of their apartment.