Online Zombie Aerobifff

Dimanche/Sunday/Zondag 11/04 – 3 PM & Mercredi/Wednesday/Woensdag 14/04 – 2 PM After this rough Night, on this fine sunday, or Wednesday with the family… Professeur Postérieure will offer you an energetic work-out session with his zombie aerobics ! Yes, we are waiting for you to show us some squats ! Send us pictures !

2020 Infected Section

The infected section Even though we cherish every movie in our selection, we hope we don’t have to do this again in 2022. At least, if we don’t start to care a bit more about our planet and let sleeping pandemics lie in untouched pieces of nature. The Infected is a selection of cursed films… Continue reading 2020 Infected Section

Online Show – Mons mon amour

Online ANIMATION by Magic LandSince its creation, The Magic Land Theatre has been an inseparable partner of the BIFFF. There hasn’t been an edition without them invading the festival with monsters, mutants or with the now famous rafting race. Even in pandemic times, they’re ready to give their all, but as the health crisis will… Continue reading Online Show – Mons mon amour

Online Pieter Pauwel Gallery

Festivart 2021 Discover our BIFFF exhibition through our virtual gallery! 06.04 – 18.04 – ONLINE BIFFF and Art Projects Pieterpauwel exhibit the magnificent works of PALIX, NATHAN VRANCKX & RAPHAEL VANHOMWEGEN (RVH) Palix “Palix is known for his aquarelle sketches of the major trials that have shaken Belgium since 2003 (Cools, Dutroux, Fourniret or more… Continue reading Online Pieter Pauwel Gallery


BIFFF CHALLENGES – GUESTS ON STAGE – BIFFF TV – BIFFF EVENTS – BIFFF PACKS – CHATROOMS – HORROR PICTURES SHOW GUESTS ON STAGE Q&A, Interviews and songs with our virtual guests!DISCOVER THEM HERE BIFFF EVENTS Opening and closing ceremony, Art Contest, Exhibitions, Make-Up contest, and of course the Vampire Ball, the Fantastic Night…DISCOVER THEM… Continue reading BIFFF ZONE