One day Dulce, a great performance by ex-Miss World Ruddy Rodriguez, is accused of killing her husband and children in their house. Thirty years later she gets released and immediately starts to investigate what really happened. Belief, fate and the notion of time get mixed up in a mysterious, intangible puzzle. You’ll be at the… Continue reading THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME

THE INCIDENT by Isaac Ezban

The incident in question is one of the spatial-temporal kind. Two smalltime crooks are being chased by a cop on a stairwell without end. Every day they wake up in the same place where the end is also the beginning. All material objects, beer, cigarettes, snacks… are regenerated at the same spot. Only their bodies… Continue reading THE INCIDENT by Isaac Ezban


Jorge couldn’t be happier. He’s met the love of his life; Isabelle. Everything happened so fast. Just four days ago, they were driving in Jorge’s car, with him behind the wheel and she resting in the trunk, the perfume of chloroform still clinging to her. Since then, Isabelle hasn’t left the cellar, which serves as… Continue reading HONEYMOON


Even though he’s surrounded by puma’s, anacondas, jaguars and other lethal creatures, there’s only one species that the farmer of Rio Preama in Argentina fears the most: man. The large landowners may claim that they have their best interests at heart, behind the scenes they’ve got some shady individuals to “negotiate” with the last independent… Continue reading EL ARDOR


One short plunges headlong in the violence the Aztecs were notorious for. Another one pays homage to a Mexican horror legend. The third one mixes child kidnapping with illegal organ trafficking. Some films are grounded in fantasy, other are grounded in grim reality. There’s a parody on American horror cinema. One has pitch perfect production… Continue reading MEXICO BARBARO