How can you know someone better than by learning their worst secret?


At first glance, a beautiful evening lies ahead with Barcelona in its springtime splendor. Tonight, Edu wants to introduce his girlfriend Marina to his best buds Rai and Viky. He’s a director, she’s an actress and they’re such a happy couple. But instead of an evening of booze and tapas, Edu has booked an escape… Continue reading YOU LIE YOU DIE


Erica is finally living her fairy tale romance with her Prince Charming, her Vincent, Vinnie, V-Love. The man of her dreams, ticking all of her boxes – white, straight, rich and cooks a wonderful spaghetti alle vongole – and who is now going to put a ring on it. She can’t wait to have her… Continue reading HAVE HOLD TAKE

Bloody Date Night 2022

Love! Sex! Freedom! Come celebrate them all in a deliciously malicious BIFFF atmosphere! Bring along your prettiest boa, your sexiest feathers and polish your whips for the most intriguing date in town! Two feature lms and two short lms tackling the whole spectrum of love, including the more psychopathic kinds. And to top it all… Continue reading Bloody Date Night 2022