Myriam, a rich heir, thanks her immortality to a substance which she substracts from people. The last switch in in a long chain is John, her companion, who is also drawn to eternity. But when his ageing process starts to speed up, nothing can stop him anymore. Behold a film that excels the fantastic and… Continue reading THE HUNGER


On a sunny afternoon, Sam plays with his son Tony on their farm. Suddenly they see a strange light in the sky. Unfortunately, it’s not an eclipse, but an alien spaceship looking for Earthlings to kidnap. Before his own eyes, Tony sees how his father is sucked into the vessel. Three years later, Sam returns… Continue reading XTRO


Jessey, a young and bright researcher is convinced that everyone has cells of a far past inside their body, even from the beginning of time. He tries to break down his own mental barriers and penetrate to the age of the first amount of experiments, which should allow him to find the way to ultimate… Continue reading ALTERED STATES

CAT PEOPLE by Paul Schrader

Cat People, one of the most erotic, most perverted films ever made, tells us the story of cat-people and their tragic life. Paul Schrader, author of «Hardcore» and «American Gigolo», gives a personal note to this remake, without ever leaving the true spirit of the story. He uses special techniques that were unfamiliar or impossible… Continue reading CAT PEOPLE by Paul Schrader


The cold U have, the cold sores on Your lips, Your palpations,… are you sure you are not causing it yourself not to suffocate, to speak. Have You heard of the word «Psychosomatic»? A scientific fact is indisputable. Where does medical science end? Where to does she take us? Far. Very far. THE BROOD gives… Continue reading THE BROOD


Mick is a young representative, full of dedication and ambition. He crosses Northern-England. In Scotland he gets a lot of orders due to his politeness and his smile. During his prospection he intrudes a nuclear power plant. He is arrested, accused of espionage and tortured. This is only the first hazard of a heroic battle,… Continue reading O LUCKY MAN


Published in 1934 and originated from the imagination of American drawer Alex Raymond. Flash Gordon, the sensual Dale Arden and dr Zarkov fight the abominable Emperor Ming who wants to destroy our good old planet earth. The character of FLASH GORDON quickly conquered the screen. The first versions, full of humour, where childish, this one… Continue reading FLASH GORDON


Planet Krull is ruled by a demonic monster, that no one has ever seen and hides in an enormous block of granite, «The black fort». To end this reign two enemy realms of Krull decide to combine forces, by marrying prince Colwyn to Princess Lyssa. Unfortunately, the ceremony is brutally disturbed by the «Massacreurs» who… Continue reading KRULL


Sketch film: a carnival traveller reveals the future to four people. The first one is cursed by a diabolic cat and becomes a killer. The second, a young «starlet» discovers that the success of some celebrities has mysterious backgrounds. The third, in love with a pianist, is being terrorised by the piano of his fiancée… Continue reading TORTURE GARDEN


The third remake of «1984» (the novel of Orwell) had a double task; finish the film in time and reflect the author’s great literary merit. One thing is for sure, the book was imitated precisely and the film withstood most critical reviews. Michael Radford, one of the realisers reproduced the book to the last detail.… Continue reading 1984


It has been four years since father Merrin tried to break little Rega’s spell, an attempt that took his life. Father Lammont is ordered by the Vatican to research this dramatic death. During his investigation he meets Dr Tuskin who heals thanks to a synchronizer that makes joined hypnosis possible. That way they are capable… Continue reading THE HERETIC


Unbelievable! A man survives a terrible plane crash; the second pilot; Keller. How? Why? Two questions he and his surrounding ask themselves and they take them to a awful dimension. The film is extremely well produced and demonstrates an original inspiration; both by its environment and the characters who make this film a treat for… Continue reading THE SURVIVOR


This Canadian film by John Hough takes place in a peaceful town in California that is suddenly shaken up by a series of bloody murders, committed by a sexual maniac. The doctor and police officer, impersonated by John Cassavetes and John Ireland, vainly attempt to find a trace in this mysterious case. Until one day,… Continue reading INCUBUS


«To be blunt, LE SENS DE LA VIE is a film where you will laugh yourself to death with, amazing humour that spares no one, its a true «Grand Guignol» genius down to the vulgar, pornographic and hallucinatory.» Gérard LEFORT

British Directors & Actors

But where did the English fantastic film go? Wasn’t it till recently a synonym for horror and the supernatural? We think about the production organizations like Hammer and Amicus, important directors like Terence Fisher, Freddie Francis, Val Guest, Hitchcock, Don Sharp, John Gilling, Roy Ward Baker, Jack Clayton, James Whale,… (and then famous actors like… Continue reading British Directors & Actors