The young and talented television journalist Karen gets the opportunity of a lifetime in her career. She is being called by a certain Eddie who claims to be responsible for a series of gruesome murders that happened the last three days in Los Angeles. He proposes an exclusive interview. They agree to meet each other… Continue reading THE HOWLING


After The Night of the Living Dead the world is heading for an unyielding Apocalypse. The dead leave the cemeteries for what they are and attack the living to devour them. Four people refuse to be lynched just like that and leave the city by helicopter. Due to a lack in fuel they are forced… Continue reading DAWN OF THE DEAD


Our most incredible and frightening nightmares are becoming reality: the living dead have taken over the power. A group of rebels, chased by the bloodthirsty zombies, are hiding in a shelter under earth. It is in there that scientists are trying to figure out how to save the human race. Will they come up with… Continue reading DAY OF THE DEAD


In a fairytale kingdom where man and animal live peacefully next to each other under the protection of two holy unicorns, lives a beautiful princess. With her friend Jack, a sensitive and cheerful boy, she ventures into the enchanted forests. But under this paradise, inside the intestines of the earth, hides an evil creature, Darkness,… Continue reading LEGEND


Christmas eve. Rand gives his son Billy a small chubby animal with a colourful fur and sad eyes as a present. The animal, called Gizmo, which he bought in one of the most cluttered shops in stereotype china town, comes with an unusual manual. The Gizmo isn’t allowed to come into contact with water as… Continue reading GREMLINS


BRAZIL takes place in a vague but yet slightly familiar future. We are located in the heart of a metropolis that is being terrorized by a omnipresent, pompous and outdated mechanism. A ministry of information regulates the daily life of each citizen down to the last detail. In this Kafkaian imperium lives a modest, somewhat… Continue reading BRAZIL


As a tribute to the late tv series The Twilight Zone four film directors who earned their stripes in fantastic put their heads together to sketch out their journey in four stages. A journey through the fifth dimension. The sharp humour and the ruthless ethics by John Landis (Schlock, The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf… Continue reading TWILITH ZONE – THE MOVIE


Mike doesn’t move an inch from his brother Jody. Their parents passed away and the boy is obsessed with the thought that Jody will abandon him. One day Mike notices that the graveyard of Morningside is in the grip of an unfortunate spell. He races to his brother and tells him what he has seen,… Continue reading PHANTASM


The 23rd century. Three Klingon cruisers are on a patrol flight. Suddenly they are attacked by a mysterious enemy and are destroyed one by one. In the space station Epsilon the scientists have to stand by helplessly. But the information they send the headquarters of the Star Fleet in San Francisco is much more frightening:… Continue reading STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE


Alex Rogan is keen on videogames. His life on the countryside is dull; his only comfort is his seemingly pretty girlfriend and his videogame Starfighter. One night he breaks the record and then something he could never dream of happens: a few aliens seem to have dropped the videogame onto our vale of tears to… Continue reading THE LAST STARFIGHTER


During the winter of 1982 at American base on Antarctica becomes the victim to a “thing” of unknown origin. Everything starts with a husky being chased by a helicopter from a near-by base. The Norwegians are madly trying to shoot the dog. The animal reaches the American base where the helicopter crashes. Two members of… Continue reading THE THING


Three friendly researchers at the university of New York are suggested in a rather blunt way it would be better for them to just pack their bags and leave. The university doesn’t tolerate quacks and surely it doesn’t take long for the academic board to decide that the three-pseudo scientists will not receive the grant… Continue reading GHOSTBUSTERS


Jenny, sweetheart, don’t fool yourself. The man standing in front of you looks just like Scott, has the same deep voice like Scott, walks in the same way as Scott and also has the familiar clumsy traits like Scott… But it isn’t Scott. Didn’t he die in your arms a few months ago? You did… Continue reading STARMAN


Since his mother died Bastien has become a reserved boy. One day the ten-year –old discovers an old fairytale book with the appealing title THE NEVER ENDING STORY in an old antique shop. Just by reading the first pages he is being pulled into the whirling and even magical story of the book that describes… Continue reading THE NEVERENDING STORY


1966. A chemical poisonous cloud settles over a graveyard of old-veterans in Kentucky. A little over a dozen affected corpses come back to life, crawling out from under their tombstone and start their second youth. But the military intercepts them, locks them into metal containers and secretly stows them away in a warehouse for medical… Continue reading THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD


The 21st century: a nightmare. No radioactive sediment, no cities destroyed, no repulsive mutants… America is changed into one brutal and totalitarian society, where the civilians are only interested in one thing, a deadly race trough the provinces. The most amazingly build race cars are broadcast live on air by all television stations during their… Continue reading DEATH RACE 2000


A trivial trip turns into a nightmare. A group of friends goes on a trip for the weekend. Their intention is to sail down the river by canoe, as a return to nature. Our city people, however, forget which dangers nature holds. The calm trip bursts into violence. In a confrontation with themselves, they become… Continue reading DELIVERANCE


After a disastrous nuclear war John Connor takes charge of the scarce survivors and takes on the war against an army of robots and cyborgs that want to exterminate the last humans. For these androids there is only one solution to destroy Connor and his guerrilla: interfere with the past and prevent his birth from… Continue reading TERMINATOR