Windsor College offers students a picturesque haven for higher learning, just what Sidney Prescott needs. It’s spring time, two years after the murders in Woodsboro, California, and a satisfying freshman year is coming to an end. Sid has a great roommate, a devoted boyfriend and the lead in the school play. The snobbiest sorority on… Continue reading SCREAM 2: SCREAM AGAIN


The near future. Interactive computer games have become the number one entertainment and their creators are treated as superstars. Now there is one game that beats all the rest. eXistenZ is a new organic game system which, when downloaded into humans, accesses their central nervous systems. It transports them to a different reality, changing every… Continue reading eXistenZ


Hollywood, the roaring twenties. Roy Walker, a stunt man, has just terribly hurt himself while trying to mount a horse on a railroad bridge. Convalescing in a beautiful, austere old hospital, he learns that he may lose the use of his legs. A respite from this deep depression comes in the form of a little… Continue reading THE FALL


Spain, 1992. Two hapless comedians, Nino and Bruno, shoot each other in the middle of a live TV show. Flashback to the early seventies. Nino is a night-club singer who performs covers; badly. Bruno is a struggling comedian vying for a break. Julian, a sleazy showbizz agent, brings them together. During the course of a… Continue reading DYING OF LAUGHTER


Antoine is always trying to crash the most exclusive parties. But you need connections to get in if you don’t want to be at the mercy of the doormen. Antoine pretends to be buddies with Jordan, a wellknown name in Parisian nightlife, even though he has never met the man. One night, things go wrong.… Continue reading LES MORSURES DE L’AUBE

ROLLERBALL by John McTiernan

Jonathan Cross is an all-A merican hotshot, the most popular player in the fastest and most extreme sport of all time : Rollerball, a combination of rugby, roller derby, hockey and motorcycle racing. Along with team-mates Marcus Ridley and Aurora, Jonathan is living the high life; fame, money, incredible cars, all for giving viewers what… Continue reading ROLLERBALL by John McTiernan


David Gale is a man who has tried hard to live by his principles, but in a bizarre twist of fate, this devoted father, popular professor and respected death penalty opponent finds himself on death row for the rape and murder of fellow activist Constance Harraway. With only three days before his scheduled execution, Gale… Continue reading THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE


A freakish circus, a church devoted to a saintly woman with no arms and an elephant’s funeral are some of the ingredients of this weird and hallucinatory horror show.


The intuitive, unconventional approach of top FBI profiler Illeana Scott often makes the crucial difference between catching a killer and sending a dead-end case to the cold file. Now the Montreal police needs help from an outsider to get inside the head of a serial killer and Illeana is eager to join the case. With… Continue reading TAKING LIVES


An alternative reality, a totalitarian and fascist Great-Britain. Evey, a young woman forced to prostitute herself out of poverty, is rescued from the forces of the state by a masked avenger, better known as “V”. The charismatic V is a master of trickery and deceit. He starts a revolution by blowing up two important government… Continue reading V FOR VENDETTA


After his father’s death in a car accident, Kale Brecht becomes sullen, withdrawn, and troubled. When he punches his Spanish teacher in class, Kale is placed under house arrest. His mother, Julie, works night and day to support herself and her son, only to be met with indifference and lethargy. The walls of his house… Continue reading DISTURBIA


Cal McAffrey is a journalist with rather special methods. When he’s got an article to write, he doesn’t just look up the stuff for a few hours on the net or send a quick mail to some press attaché. He’s the kind of guy who gets his ass out on the street to investigate. The… Continue reading STATE OF PLAY


Dave Lizewski, a typical high school nerd in love with comic books and out of luck with girls, is tired of getting harassed and robbed all the time. He decides to become a superhero. Dave makes a costume out of an old green wet suit and some work boots, calls himself Kick-Ass and starts hitting… Continue reading KICK-ASS


The near future after an alien invasion. Six years ago the Earth received some unexpected visitors. The aliens were finally pushed back and contained. The infected zone, closed off by enormous fences, now covers the entire border region between the US and Mexico. Photographer Andrew is ordered by the big boss to get his daughter… Continue reading MONSTERS


They are five, they are young, they are beautiful and they are strong. But they are primarily perfect stereotypes for a horror film. Consider this: the athlete with a jaw as square as a drawer, the blonde who is always looking for a neuron to keep her other one company, the token Afro-American who’s tired… Continue reading THE CABIN IN THE WOODS


When India Stoker loses her beloved father and best friend Richard in a tragic auto accident on her 18th birthday, her quiet life on the family’s secluded estate is suddenly shattered. Exquisitely sensitive, India’s exhibits an impassive demeanor which masks the deep feelings and heightened senses that only her father understood. India finds herself drawn… Continue reading STOKER


Alice and John are a young married couple struggling to make ends meet. When a magical artefact from the past suddenly provides an answer to their troubles, they must face the question of how far they want to go to strike it rich and if the cost of wealth is worth it. The magic teapot… Continue reading THE BRASS TEAPOT


Inside an enormous bar on a busy street, all the patrons are being held hostage. Among them are policeman Zhong Wen and his daughter Miao Miao, and several strangers who seem to have met before. The kidnapper is the bar owner Wu Jiang. His only demand is the release of a longterm prisoner. What motive… Continue reading POLICE STORY 2013


Adam Bell is a gloomy, disheveled history teacher who’s not even interested in having sex with his beautiful girlfriend Mary. When he’s watching a movie recommended by a colleague, he discovers his double in a bit part, an actor named Anthony Clair. For the first time since long does Adam feel exited about something. He… Continue reading ENEMY


13-year old Oskari is about to face the initiation ritual that will make him from a boy into a man. He has to prove himself as a hunter. Only armed with bow and arrow, he must go deep into the Finnish woods and come back in 24 hours with the biggest possible trophy. No pressure,… Continue reading BIG GAME


Nils has turned fifty and leads a repetitive life by driving with his snow plough across Norwegian roads. He has always perfectly behaved like a model citizen even to the degree that he got elected as Citizen of the Year. But the night before the ceremony, Nils finds out that his only son died of… Continue reading IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE


The mood is set when Will and Kira, on their way to a dinner in the Los Angeles hills, kill a deer with their car. That they were invited by Will’s ex-wife Eden and her new husband David doesn’t make it much easier, especially since they divorced two years ago after a traumatic event. Luckily… Continue reading THE INVITATION


It’s only October, but in a Tv-studio, beleaguered by hundreds of furious fired ex-workers, they’re trying for a week now to finish taping the traditional New Year’s spectacle. Inside, the never-ending shoot raises tensions between the stars, the extra’s and the staff. Presenting couple Roberto and Christina hate each other’s guts. Old glory Alphonso and… Continue reading MY BIG NIGHT


A typical, sunny morning in the Spanish capital. Beautiful Elena is walking through the city streets while she’s chatting on her mobile about her love live. She decides to have a coffee in a nearby bar, where the patrons are already gobbling up their breakfast. Suddenly a loud bang sounds in the streets. In front… Continue reading THE BAR


The Box : After peering into a shiny red gift box on a commuter train, seven-year-old Danny Jacobs inexplicably stops eating. When his father and sister also begin to waste away, Danny’s mother Susan struggles to make the connection between herself, her dying family and the mysterious box before it’s too late. The Birthday Party:… Continue reading XX


In a growing series of countries, the medicinal use of marijuana is legally permitted. We just had to wait for a few smart American (who else?) business sharks to put the stuff into a pill and market it. Harold Soyinka works for one such company and is sent to Mexico to handle the manufacturing of… Continue reading THE GRINGO


Frances, a naive young woman, is trying to make it on her own in New York City. One fine day, she finds a handbag on the subway and suspecting no evil design, she brings it back to its rightful owner. In doing so, she meets Greta, an eccentric French piano teacher who adores classical music… Continue reading GRETA


Sarah hasn’t had an easy life so far. She tries to turn the page by taking her young son to a new abode in a rural setting. Behind her house, the woods stretch out for miles: the ideal spot to get away from it all, isn’t it? But one night, she wakes up with a… Continue reading THE HOLE IN THE GROUND

Colour out of Space

After years in the wilderness, cult director Richard Stanley (HARDWARE, DUST DEVIL) is finally back with an exciting Lovecraft adaptation. It has always been his dream to adapt Lovecraft to the big screen – not very surprising, coming from a guy who sleeps with a Cthulu toy next to him every night, we’re not making… Continue reading Colour out of Space

Riders Of Justice

After ADAM’S APPLES and MEN AND CHICKEN, grandmaster Anders Thomas Jensen delivers a brilliant pitch-black revenge comedy. And, yes, Mads Mikkelsen is heading the cast again. Simply essential viewing!


Madrid, in the future. The world is dominated by stylists and golden boys. The terrorist group Accion Mutante fights the system alone and demands the right to ugliness. Ramon, the group’s leader, gets out of jail with an amazing idea: to kidnap Patricia Orujo, the daughter of the King of Fast Food. Accion Mutante decides… Continue reading ACCIÓN MUTANTE


First, there is Clarence Worley, a comic book salesman, comic book eater and almost a comic book character himself. He is as mad as a hatter and passionate about karate films and Elvis the Pelvis. Secondly, there is Alabama Whitman, an ambitious and passionate girl, who makes a living as a lady of the streets.… Continue reading TRUE ROMANCE


Obviously, life has not always been easy on the last five residents of a deteriorated building in New York’s Lower East Side: Marisa, very pregnant, hopelessly wishes to see her prince charming show up again; Harry, a former boxer, has strength only to zap on his TV; Mason can only picture the deteriorating surroundings on… Continue reading BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED


Boris Bergman, songwriter of singer Alain Bashung, takes us to an unknown world, to an unknown place, an area where nightmares meet. Filmed in the sewers of Paris, Room Service tells us the story of a special hotel for even more special guests. One day an intruder appears in this antechamber of death.


The world lies in ruin. Everything is destroyed or nearly destroyed. The wind and the storm torment the fragments of life that are left. A loner survives on the last floor of a high rise that’s almost consumed by sand. There, patiently and seated at a gigantic desk he prepares his departure. Behind the horizon,… Continue reading THE LAST BATTLE


At the presentation of the book «2010» by Arthur Clarke, it was hard to imagine that the sequel of «2010» could be adapted for the screen. But it has happened, thanks to Peter HYAMS as the producer, screenwriter, director,… who, with lots of realism portrayed the life of humans in the universe. We are going… Continue reading 2010 : THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT


Dreams that become reality: who doesn’t dream about that? For the heroine of Dreamlover that dream has become reality. She only has to dream it to make it happen. But sleeping could be destructive, because the dreams of this lovely young lady are far from innocent. She seeks a window through which she can fly… Continue reading DREAM LOVER


Becky hasn’t climbed a thing in a year. One year ago, she and her boyfriend were climbing a cliff when he startled and fell from a height of more than one hundred meters… Ever since she’s been drinking her sorrow away in dingy bars. But her best friend Hunter is adamant about getting her back… Continue reading FALL