2nd Cosplay Contest

Cosplay ( Costume Play ) is a hype coming from Japan that is getting more and more popular in the West. After the success of the first Cosplay contest last year, we thought that another edition would be highly appreciated. Candidates can disguise themselves into their favourite anime-, manga- or computer game character and set… Continue reading 2nd Cosplay Contest

3rd Cosplay Contest

The Japanimation Day will also be animated by the second Cosplay contest (Costume Play), a pass time originating from Japan. Candidates disguise themselves into their favourite manga or videogame character and show off their costumes (mainly made by hand and the fruit of months of devoted labor). At 3pm, Cosplay Contest, organised by the Belgian… Continue reading 3rd Cosplay Contest

4th Cosplay Contest

Inspired by American movie conventions where fans put on pyjama’s ( Star Trek ), cover themselves in fur ( Chewbacca ) or put donuts in their hair ( Princess Leia ), the Japanse Cosplayers decided to honour their manga and videogame heroes in similar fashion. What has become an institution in the land of the… Continue reading 4th Cosplay Contest

5th Cosplay Contest

Inspired by American conventions where diehard genre fans put on customized pyjamas (Star Trek), a fleece of hairy ferret or donuts in the hair ( Chewbacca and Princess Leïa ), the Japanese cosplay celebrates its manga and videogame heroes. A huge institution in the land of the rising sun, this tribute quickly caught on with… Continue reading 5th Cosplay Contest

6th Cosplay Contest

If you’re browsing at the different stands of the BIFFF and your eyes would happen to fall upon an Akira drinking a Troll beer or a Princess Peach adjusting her corset, in other words life size manga and video game characters, then do not panic. You just spotted a cosplayer. This practice, coming from Japan,… Continue reading 6th Cosplay Contest

7th Cosplay Contest

If by chance, while wandering through the corridors of the Center For Fine Arts, your eyes would stray on an Akira drinking a Troll beer or even a Princess Peach adjusting her corset – in other words life size video game, manga or anime characters – you don’t have to worry you’re hallucinating. You’ve just… Continue reading 7th Cosplay Contest

8th Cosplay Contest

The 8th edition of the BIFFF Cosplay Competition and the EuroCosplay selection “Batman, Sailor Moon and Mario walk into a museum” might sound like the beginning of a joke but that is just what might be in store for you if you attend the Cosplay competition hosted at the 32nd edition of the Brussels International… Continue reading 8th Cosplay Contest

9th Cosplay Contest

Bifff and Be Cosplay are thrilled to invite you to the 9th annual edition of the BIFFF cosplay contest. Once again, fans of all ages pull out all stops to bring to life their favorite characters. In cosplay, people from all walks of life get in touch with their crafty sides and recreate the costumes… Continue reading 9th Cosplay Contest

10th Cosplay Contest

BIFFF and Be Cosplay want to invite you to their 10th annual cosplay contest during this 2016 event. Fans of all ages will gather once again to celebrate this 10th cosplay year at the BIFFF by giving life to their favorite characters. In this discipline, people from all walks of life work for months to… Continue reading 10th Cosplay Contest

11th Cosplay Contest

This year, you’ll be able to admire passionate people from the four corners of Belgium to show you their talents. Not only will the Cosplay contestants bring characters to life through handmade costumes, but they will also give a performance on the festival stage. The characters could come from their favorite comics, manga’s, movies, ….… Continue reading 11th Cosplay Contest