Vernet-les-Bains, a small village nestled at the foot of Mount Canigou is famous for its spas and fishing rivers filled with trout and amnesic women. The latter species in question is a woman who wakes up with a bag with 2 million Euros in it, a gun and a not so pretty scar on her… Continue reading ID:A


Truly, deeply, and especially madly: all the layers of love gathered in one single story. Bruno loves his wife Maxine. He remembers the passion of the first days, a dream come true, love at first sight, blablabla… basically, all the clichés of tear-jerking romance novels. But their love is not what it once used to… Continue reading BEAST


Let’s put it bluntly: Ronal isn’t exactly how you would imagine a genuine barbarian. You know those walking bundles of biceps with Austrian accents that could rip your arm out just by tickling your armpit. Well, that’s not Ronal. He’s a weak shrimp, a real wussie with twig-like arms. And now the fate of his… Continue reading RONAL THE BARBARIAN

Danish Focus

To honour the Danish presidency of the Council of the European Union, the BIFFF – in collaboration with the Danish Film Institute, the Danish Cultural Institute- Benelux and the Danish Presidency of the European Union – organises a reception in order to greet in our very own special way our friends from the north !… Continue reading Danish Focus