After slaving away at a small company that sells cleaning products for over 25 years, Inès (Jasmina Douieb) still hasn’t got a single raise, unlike her male colleagues who seem to effortlessly get them every year. Oh well, Inès isn’t one to complain easily, after all she’s devoted and over the years has obtained a… Continue reading EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH


Demons! In 1978’s Iran *cough*Axis of Evil*cough*! In a remote mountain village called Zalava! Za-la-va: ne’er there was a name more reeking of evil! It sounds like an unforgivable curse only the vilest of Slytherin wizards would throw around, though for all we know it might simply mean “ice cream” in the tongue of the… Continue reading ZALAVA


Shawn is some sort of Johnny (Ob)Knoxville 2.0 with his very own YouTube channel on which he faces his most idiotic fears, until one of his offensive jokes crosses a red line for both his followers and sponsors. Before being burned at the stake,he tries to sway the angry mob – Ergh, I mean his… Continue reading DEADSTREAM


Influencers do the in(s)anest things to haul in cash flows, like selling their farts in sealed jars or their used panties. Or, as is the case for Jess, film fetishists that do the weirdest – though quite harmless – things to you, without them knowing that you film and post the content on your channel.… Continue reading FOLLOW HER


On a remote Japanese island, a severe kung-fu master trains a group of boys to become “Doomsday Warriors”. After the inevitable Apocalypse, which Nostradamus predicted would take place in 1999, they are to fight for justice in a ravaged world. When this doomsday scenario still hasn’t materialized in 2022 (!), the sensei decides to throw… Continue reading KAPPEI


They call them the Hyenas of Bangui. A trio of mercenaries who like to eat lead for breakfast. Chaka the brain, Rafa the muscle and Minuit the mystic have just evacuated a South American drug lord from Guinea-Bissau. They want to fly to Dakar, but a leaking fuel tank forces them to make an unscheduled… Continue reading SALOUM


At first glance, a beautiful evening lies ahead with Barcelona in its springtime splendor. Tonight, Edu wants to introduce his girlfriend Marina to his best buds Rai and Viky. He’s a director, she’s an actress and they’re such a happy couple. But instead of an evening of booze and tapas, Edu has booked an escape… Continue reading YOU LIE YOU DIE


In a dystopian Switzerland under the rule of a fascist dictator – and cheese industry tycoon – all lactose-intolerant compatriots are hunted down like animals and sentenced to death without further ado. Despite this reign of terror, in which opponents are tortured with burning fondue or by shoving entire bars of Toblerone down their throats,… Continue reading MAD HEIDI


Deaf from birth, Kyung-mi is clearly a fighter in this rotten world. Armed with her hearing aid, her cellphone and her audio sensors scattered all over the house she shares with her mom, she adapts as best she can… But what she will discover one night in a dark alley will change everything! A young… Continue reading MIDNIGHT


Alice is 16 years old but on her bedroom walls no posters of Busted (What, teenagers these days no longer listen to Busted, you say? We refuse to believe that!) but of Greta Thunberg. After school hours – sometimes even during – she walks in climate change marches and she protests against evil projects like… Continue reading LE VISITEUR DU FUTUR


She’s young, she’s a kindergarten teacher, her name is Emily and she’s giving her all for her community. Tonight she’s going to her weekly discussion group for women, accompanied with a nice specimen of home-made pie. Once the customary greetings over with, she brings out her freshly baked delight, with right at its center a… Continue reading SOFT & QUIET


Paris, 1900. The glorious “Belle Epoque”, with its boundless enthusiasm for change, the arrival of the metro and the radical reconfiguration of the city by baron Haussman. But it’s not sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere: the working class is pushed back to the peripheries, where poverty prospers in slums that give birth to a new… Continue reading APACHES: GANG OF PARIS


Québec, Canada. Fifteen-year-olds Charles, Louis, Paul and Guillaume are incredibly dorky and therefore, incredibly unpopular at school. But hey, at least they have each other and their heroic quest to Farador, a Dungeons & Dragons-style board game. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough, ain’t no butt-ugly goblin fierce enough to shatter… Continue reading FARADOR


Do you know Pangnirtung, or literally “the place of the bull caribou”, in the province of Nunavat by the Arctic Circle? Nope? That’s normal. Nothing ever happens there. In summer it’s even worse, with 24 hours of daylight and non-stop boredom. Of course, to kill time, teenagers hang around the neighboring tundra to hunt little… Continue reading SLASH/BACK


Liang is sure he wants to end his life. Less sure is how exactly he wants to do it. According to the Internet, eating 40 spoons of cinnamon, 400 pieces of chewing gum or 215 carrots at once will do the trick, but it’s hardly practical. But then he comes across a copy of Yukio… Continue reading LIFE FOR SALE