Bologna 1750. Giacomo, a novice in charge of the Archbishop’s archives, seduces a young girl and is forced to flee to escape harsh punishment by the Church authorities. To obtain a safe-conduct out of the city, he agrees to enter the service of a mysterious nobleman who lives in exile in a fortress in the… Continue reading THE ARCANE ENCHANTER


Twenty-one-year-old Trent Burns mows lawns in the affluent Louisville suburb of Camelot Gardens. Each day he faces customers who “forget” how much they owe him, kids who taunt him as if it were their birth-right, and a security guard who treats him like trouble. But Trent needs the money, so he grits his teeth and… Continue reading LAWN DOGS


Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

Switzerland, 1913. A young English photographer, Charles Castle, marries Anne-Marie. The next day, she is killed by an avalanche. Castle enters an emotional void. He fights in the trenches during World War One, where he photographs the dead. The war over, Castle and his wartime batman Roy set up a photographic studio in London. The… Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHING FAIRIES


A shy, insecure and peace-loving cop by the name of Percy Corso is appointed at the Palle police station in a small Peruvian village of the same name. Palle was once the homeland of the Moche, the violent yet beautiful people from the pre-Inca era. When a series of crimes is committed in the Moche… Continue reading UNDER THE SKIN


Paris, 1900: a little girl, Sonia, witnesses the slaughter of her parents by a mysterious man with a steel arm. Years later, in Rome, she is hired as a dress maker in a wax museum owned by a sinister artist called Boris Volkoff, who recreates perfect replicas of famous crime scenes. A series of strange… Continue reading WAX MASK


During a ceremony in an old parish in the city centre, a group of worshippers dies of poisoning after taking communion. The police take up the investigation while the priests, who have remained in the church, begin to suffer strange visions. First suspicions point to a group of young people connected with lethal designer drugs,… Continue reading MEMOIRS OF THE FALLEN ANGEL


Vampyress Celina falls in love with Jane, a battered housewife. She efficiently helps the unfortunate woman to get rid of her husband, and gets her love and dedication in return. They are fond of each other and of Berlin nightlife. They go out “eating” in fancy Technobars and enjoy each others company. But the young… Continue reading KISS MY BLOOD


Roberto, a showman, has spent his whole life travelling the country with his preserved whale, showing this strange creature to audiences everywhere. His last journey takes him to a tiny village in the mountains. However, a heart attack kills him before he arrives at his destination. The curious exhibit stands in the marketplace, waiting for… Continue reading UNFISH


Belfast 1975. Violent psychopath Victor Kelly, son of a Catholic father and a Protestant mother, is invited by Darkie Larche to join a gang of Loyalist killers. Together, they murder a randomly chosen Catholic victim. When the body is found, journalist Ryan writes up the story. Larche reports to ringleader McLure about Victor’s knack for… Continue reading RESURRECTION MAN


César doesn’t only look good enough to eat, he also knows how to treat a woman and he is the heir to a considerable fortune. This young man has clearly been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. One night, his best friend Pelayo introduces him to Sofia. To César it’s love at first… Continue reading ABRE LOS OJOS


Copenhagen, 2011 A.D. Legendary hacker JB is kidnapped and coerced into an espionage operation that is threatening to his life. A time bomb in the shape of a device in his chest gives him 35 hours to reveal whether a woman is unfaithful to her powerful husband. But the woman entangles JB in a web… Continue reading WEBMASTER


Steven Grlscz is a man who seems to have everything – handsome, successful, witty and generous – he effortlessly seduces women and wins their trust. But this is a very lonely and desperate pursuit. He literally can not live without a woman’s love. When the body of his latest conquest, Maria Vaughn, is found at… Continue reading THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES


Irène Escher is working at home when her 6-year old daughter comes into her office and asks her where Toni is? Irène tells her not to disturb her when she’s working. After a while she starts worrying since her son still hasn’t come home from school. When she finds out that Toni never arrived at… Continue reading FULL MOON


Murders in the city. Animal hair is found at the scene of the crimes… wolf hair. Could it be from werewolves ? Thomas Krömer, a writer, is attacked from behind during a full-moon night. He’s bitten in the neck. The animal disappears unseen into the woods. Later, when his grandmother is found horribly mangled, he… Continue reading NIGHT TIME


Victor Bukowski, a chaotic, delusional dreamer, is having a hard time as an actor. His constant conflicts with the few directors who still want to hire him, are threatening to get him thrown of the stage for good. Even worse, his difficult character does not really allow for stabile relationships. And at the moment he… Continue reading THE MAN WITH RAIN IN HIS SHOES


Lara is a call-in radio show host presenting a programme called 99.9, that deals in paranormal phenomena. Through a call to her show, she learns that her estranged lover, Victor, has been found dead; impaled on a cemetery fence located in a small Spanish village. After consulting Victor’s mentor, she learns that he was involved… Continue reading 99.9


Paul Mansart has been condemned to life in a Berlin prison for his part in the assassination of a diplomat. During this attack, his three accomplices and his fiancée Alice were killed in a shoot-out with the police. Ten years later, a similar attack takes place and the French Secret Police suspect a connection with… Continue reading REWIND


A huge film library in Heaven. God is writing the divine script “Let There Be Light”. He hopes to communicate his message to all mankind through the silver screen. But he has to find the right director to interpret his vision. His trusted assistant Angel René encourages him to seek the right person on Earth.… Continue reading QUE LA LUMIERE SOIT!


Unhappy with the poor living conditions they must endure from their negligent, drunken owner; Mr. Jones, the animals of Manor Farm gather for a secret meeting to plan a revolt. Major, the wise old pig tells them that humans are the source of their misery and teaches them an anthem that celebrates rebellion against human… Continue reading ANIMAL FARM


A mysterious stranger is admitted to a Copenhagen hospital. He dies from what appears to be symptoms of the Ebola virus. Soren, an ambitious junior doctor, has suspicions about what could be a world-wide epidemic. Senior staff ignores them. Determined to follow his instinct, he traces the man’s origin to Romania, where a boy was… Continue reading POSSESSED


Théo, 20 years old, lives in a sun burned world, destroyed by war and ravaged by sand storms. It’s a place without freedom, where those that dare to write on the walls are arrested, tortured and killed. Every night, Théo goes out into the streets to draw on the walls. He tries not to suffocate… Continue reading FURIA


Lola Otero, the ugliest girl in the world, is born in Madrid on January the 1st 1982. Her mother dies immediately of shock and her father follows soon afterwards. Poor Lola, she grows up encountering only revolt and humiliation. Then, as the year 2000 approaches, she meets Doctor Werner, a brilliant scientist, ridiculed by his… Continue reading LA MUJER MAS FEA DEL MUNDO


Carl Dyson is a successful genetic scientist who is about to destroy his comfortable suburban life. Lix is no average 20-year-old girl. Manacled to a chair in the basement of a decaying country estate, her dark eyes pierce the strands of raven hair falling across her pale beautiful face. A dog-muzzle pulls her grey lips… Continue reading BLOOD


A manhole opens just outside a London motorway. A strange, palefaced man crawls out, wearing clothes from another century. His name is Tomas Katz. He hails a taxi. After a brief conversation with the taxi driver, something strange happens. Tomas Katz is now dressed as the taxi driver and is driving the cab. He heads… Continue reading THE 9 LIVES OF TOMAS KATZ


Alex de Fersen, the mysterious owner of a castle in the middle of a forest, hires Wilfried, Sophie, Jeanne, Matthieu and Mathilde, the members of a struggling little theatre company. They travel to the impressive domain of their mecenas to give a private performance of the only play on their repertoire: Little Red Riding Hood.… Continue reading PROMENONS-NOUS DANS LES BOIS


Leading what she thinks is an ordinary life, 15 year-old Sophie receives an anonymous letter with one essential question : “Who are you ?” She continues to receive more letters until one day she meets her correspondent; Alberto Knox, who becomes her friend and teacher in philosophy. At the same time, Sophie mysteriously keeps getting… Continue reading SOPHIE’S WORLD


Factory employee Elena works on the percussion press Wagner. One day, finally, her dream comes true. She receives a new apartment on 639th Street, Block 741, after a “short” ten-year wait. In a landscape of rain, mud and crumbling stone at the edge of the city, she discovers her future home, complete with empty cupboards,… Continue reading WAGNER


Ellen and Martin Shaw are moving into a run down estate, which has been uninhabited for almost a quarter century. They are hoping to find a new beginning after the tragic loss of their young son. Enchanted by the beautiful countryside, the young couple immediately feel that they could finally leave the past behind. Ellen… Continue reading 7 DAYS TO LIVE


Four years ago Nacho, a young promising avantgarde artist, went missing. Neither his family nor his best friends could provide any clue as to his whereabouts or to the circumstances of his disappearance, but everything pointed to him being dead. Nacho was enormously talented. He had his own painting style, deeply influenced by the universe… Continue reading THE ART OF DYING


Mid-19th century. Upon her father’s death, a young woman applies for a governess position to look after two orphan children, Miles and Flora, living on a remote island. Seduced by their uncle’s charm, she accepts in taking full responsibility for the children, promising never to bother their uncle with matters concerning their upbringing. When the… Continue reading EL CELO


Arvid and Harald are brothers. But there the resemblance ends. Arvid is a stuffy bank clerk. Harald is a tough crook. One day, Arvid becomes a hero by thwarting a bank robber. But by doing so, he discovers that he has tampered with somebody else’s destiny. Now he has to make amends, which will require… Continue reading IN CHINA THEY EAT DOGS


Two guys, handsome William and his sidekick Luke, have just started their trip through the Californian desert when they’re kidnapped by Mike, the Kern River Killer. Securing their escape through hilarious means and with the aid of an old friend, they stumble into a small desert town where, unbeknownst to them, a mysterious tall Blonde… Continue reading LEGION OF THE DEATH


Brendan, a porter at the Dublin Medical College, is plagued with financial strains and a gambler’s sordid past. He has let down his wife and his daughter, who desperately wants to go to university. However, Brendan, never one to crumble or even falter under stress, has a plan. He’s found a “golden goose”, an object… Continue reading ON THE NOSE


In the shadows of the apartment, the rat watches the old man. Today is a fine day. He’ll go out to complete his masterpiece : Follow yet another woman, bring her back to his house and cut her to pieces to finish his work of art; a monument to his deceased mother. This year, classic… Continue reading LE RAT


Antoine is always trying to crash the most exclusive parties. But you need connections to get in if you don’t want to be at the mercy of the doormen. Antoine pretends to be buddies with Jordan, a wellknown name in Parisian nightlife, even though he has never met the man. One night, things go wrong.… Continue reading LES MORSURES DE L’AUBE


Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

The British front line is preparing for a night assault on German trenches. Charlie Shakespeare, a young and clearly terrified soldier, staggers into the nightmarish battlefield. Fog creeps across the battlefield towards the men. They drop like flies. The survivors of Shakespeare’s Y-Company are now lost and surrounded. They come across a German trench and… Continue reading DEATHWATCH


There’s something in the house, something ancient and dark that remains hidden and silent. It has lived in the house ever since someone tried to call it, more than forty years ago. It required children, a circle that had to be completed and blood, lots of blood. But something went wrong and now it waits,… Continue reading DARKNESS


Travelling from his home in Poland to a teaching job in Canada, John makes a stopover in New York to obtain the signature of his wife Elena for their divorce papers. Married as childhood sweethearts, their lives have taken different directions. John has pursued an academic career. Elena has become an international skating megastar. As… Continue reading IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE


Maléfique, Affiche

A prison cell with four detainees. The young manager Carrere is accused of swindling. 35 year old Marcus is a transsexual being rebuilt as a woman. Paquerette, 20 years old, is mentally retarded and the sexagenarian Lassalle is an intellectual who murdered his wife. Behind a mysteriously loose stone in their cell, they discover a… Continue reading MALEFIQUE


A police inspector is faced with the most disturbing case in his whole career. Behind the disappearance of an important businessman, lurks a much greater mystery. He discovers that all those people who vanished without trace, are hiding a dreadful secret, linked with terrors and problems from their own past. Once more, the police inspector… Continue reading THEY’RE WATCHING US


A freak accident at Glastonbury unearths an ancient buried church. Entombed between its walls is a mural that captures the crucifixion from a new and disturbing perspective. Instead of the image of Christ, it shows the sinister faces of those gathered to watch. Shrouding the find in secrecy, Luke Fraser, a priest working for the… Continue reading THE GATHERING


On the night of 24 December, Frank Harrington drives his wife and their children to their parents-in-law to celebrate Christmas. But for the first time in twenty years, he decides to take a shortcut, without realising that he‘s making the biggest mistake in his life. A mysterious woman in white comes out of the forest,… Continue reading DEAD END


Nicklas attends the final year of secondary school in a small Swedish town. His prospects look good, with excellent marks and a protective mother who has already got her eye on a place at a top university and a job with an investment bank. Nicklas himself has other plans. He writes poetry and wants to… Continue reading THE INVISIBLE


The year is 2011. Southern England has been destroyed by a comet, leaving the North ravaged by gang warfare and urban decay. A mysterious stranger by the name of Vindici arrives in Liverpool. Ten years ago, the Duke murdered his wife on their wedding day. In the decade that followed, the Duke and his family… Continue reading REVENGERS TRAGEDY


Charlie is on a stupid mission of revenge against the pop star who ran off with his wife. Vincent is on the run from revenge, trying to get out of the country to escape a contract castration by the man who caught him in bed with his wife. Along the road, these two lost souls… Continue reading THE LAST GREAT WILDERNESS

LABYRINTH by Miroslav Lekic

In the 3rd century A.D., the sect of the Aryans caused serious turbulence in the Christian world. Despite a merciless witch hunt by the Inquisition, it managed to survive and maintain a foothold in certain cities well into the 21st century. The compulsive gambler Pop, nicknamed the Preacher, returns to Belgrade after an absence of… Continue reading LABYRINTH by Miroslav Lekic


After years of wandering all over Europe, Ivan returns to his birthplace, a small, rather disarrayed Central European town. He wants to solve the mystery surrounding the dramatic events of his childhood. The only thing he remembers is that he was literally taken away. The town has obviously gone through a catastrophe of some kind.… Continue reading THE SUNKEN CEMETERY


The near future. William is sent to the sprawling metropolis of Shanghai for 24 hours to investigate a fraud at the Sphinx Insurance Company. Having taken an empathy virus, he’s able to read suspects’ minds. Maria in an employee of Sphinx where she creates “papelles”, a form of insurance cover, passport and visa rolled into… Continue reading CODE 46


The wife of security guard Harry Cain was gunned down in the parking lot of the shopping mall where he worked. Unable to cope with his feelings of guilt and with the apparent disinterest of the police in solving the case, he decides to take the investigation into his own hands. Harry start studying the… Continue reading FEAR X


The beginning of the twenty-third century. Somewhere on one of the three levels of New York City, there’s a woman with blue hair crying blue tears. Her name is Jill Bioskop. She doesn’t know it yet, but Horus, the falcon-headed god of ancient Egypt, has cruised half the universe to meet her. Horus has been… Continue reading IMMORTAL


Gunnar, a Norwegian TV producer, is planning a extreme reality TV show. He assembles a youthful team to work with him, but insists that they join him for four days on a teambuilding survival course deep in the forest to see how they cope with stress. The four are Lasse, a gentle guy who likes… Continue reading DARK WOODS


You can call it a sickness or an anomaly, but the fact is that Antoine only exists one day out of two. Every other day at midnight he disappears to reappear again the day after at the same time and place. There’s no cloud of smoke or blinding flash. He just isn’t there for 24… Continue reading THE DAYS I DON’T EXIST


Svend is a nervous, insufferable geek. Bjarne is an asocial pothead. Unable to put up with their arrogant boss any longer, Svend and Bjarne go into business for themselves and set up their own butcher shop. Business is slow until Svend accidentally locks up an electrician in the freezer overnight. He tries to hide the… Continue reading THE GREEN BUTCHERS


Late at night on a lonely highway. Senga and her teenage daughter Nat have a long journey ahead of them. On their trip, they encounter a series of strange characters and surreal sights; a vacation couple photographing the debris of a car crash, a baby crawling in the middle of the road and a recovery… Continue reading OCTANE


In a not so distant future metropolis, where omnipotent corporations operate without restraint, an experiment in corporate marketing is being conducted on the unsuspecting public. Simon, a young computer programmer, receives an anonymous, seemingly empty package. After disposing of the first, another one appears, then another. Despite his attempts to secure his apartment, the mysterious… Continue reading ONE PO1NT 0


Don Antonio, the old parish priest of the small Umbrian town of Acquasparta, is found murdered. The young priest Carlo Baldi, who has just recovered from a serious mental breakdown, is sent to replace him. He finds out that Don Antonio was investigating the mysterious death of a child and soon becomes involved in his… Continue reading SOULS


In the seventies, many westerners flocked to India to live in communes where they started to develop therapies to heal “the sickness of the western world”. The Taylor-Erikkson group was notorious for trying to redefine the limits of self-finding, sex and violence. Their experiments soon descended into pure horror. Three stories try to shed light… Continue reading TEARS OF KALI


A stormy night. Acting on a disturbing piece of information, the police are led to a gruesome scene : the bloody corpse of a woman and, by its side, a little girl in a state of shock. Young psychiatrist Beatriz Varga starts to work at a remote but prestigious sanatorium that specialises in hypnosis. There… Continue reading HYPNOS


Thirty-year old Matyas is a photographer. He leads a happy life with his pregnant wife Claire and his little son Pierre. Orphaned at the age of six, Matyas has no memories of his childhood. Then a notary contacts him with the news that his mother, who he thought to have died a long time ago,… Continue reading TROUBLE


John Dark is an excellent policeman. He looks up to his long-time mentor Detective Inspector Mortimer Shade, who has taught him every trick in the book. Together, they get results, even if it means bending the rules sometimes. When Mortimer is killed by an unknown assailant whilst on the job, Dark tries in vain to… Continue reading COLD AND DARK


London, midnight, on a cold evening. Unable to find a taxi, Kate heads for the Underground. To avoid the queue of late-night revelers at the booth, she buys a ticket from a homeless girl and descends to the platform. Before long she drifts off to sleep. She wakes to find everyone gone. Kate momentarily panics… Continue reading CREEP


A lid is popped off a coffin in the drawing room of a country house. A gorgeous six-year old, Iris, is revealed. Confused yet curious, she is taken in hand by Bianca, the leader of a group of girls who live in one of five houses that make up an unusual boarding school. The only… Continue reading INNOCENCE


Filippo Fontana hosts a weekly nature show on Italian TV. He’s a difficult, arrogant man who abuses his colleagues and even his bosses. The network, knowing how much he hates warm weather, therefore takes sadistic pleasure in sending Filippo to the Canary Islands in the height of summer to cover the migration of a flock… Continue reading IT’S ALREADY YESTERDAY


Oscar, a conservator at the Natural Sciences Museum, passes the days exercising his passion for studying insects; if only there were still days. As long as people can remember, the sun only releases a few pathetic rays for fifteen seconds before noon. The rest of the time, the world is plunged into a night without… Continue reading NUIT NOIRE


An ordinary man roams the galleries of a passage, trapped as he is in a sort of strange space-time continuum from which he desperately tries to escape.


Adam, a neo-Nazi, gets off the bus one day in an idyllic Danish farming community. Among the rolling fields of corn, there’s a neat, white church. This house of God is the terrain of Ivan, the priest to whom the ex-con has been assigned for a spot of rehabilitation and re-education. Taciturn, sullen and aggressive,… Continue reading ADAM’S APPLES


Zetterstrom, a perfectionist from an early age, has dedicated his entire life to his career as a pianist. As he is about to enjoy fame and glory, he meets Andrea. They fall in love and happiness ensues. Then, one night, she disappears. Frustrated, he decides to forget his past and becomes an eccentric artist, famed… Continue reading ALLEGRO


Europe, the near future. The handsome Nordic Doctor Thomas Nielsen works in the molecular biology department of a renowned university. Like many of his ambitious colleagues, Thomas believes that genetic engineering can create a healthier, more competent and able human species. Vincent Iparrak, nicknamed “The Hunter”, is a charismatic, sexually attractive serial killer who slits… Continue reading ANIMAL


Ashamed of the way she has neglected her daughter Sarah, busy New Yorker Adele decides to take her on a visit to her estranged father James, who now lives in a remote farm on the Welsh coast. Fifty years ago, the area was home to a strange religious sect that ended in a mass cliff… Continue reading THE DARK


Detective Abel Grey is sent to investigate the death of a boy from an exclusive local school, whose body was found floating in the river. Fearing scandal, the school insists it was suicide. But after discovering from the boy’s girlfriend, Carlin, that he was being badly bullied, Abel suspects that a dangerous schoolboy initiation has… Continue reading THE RIVER KING


Alex is a mentally handicapped man, stuck in a wheelchair after a mysterious fall down the stairs. He’s traumatized by his parents; Max a frustrated composer, prone to violent behavior, and the cold and hysteric Marie. Alex’s only friend is his sister Melinda, who’s been taking care of him for years. But Melinda is about… Continue reading THE ROOM


On a somber winter’s night, five people find themselves caught up in a terrifying experiment that goes horrifically wrong. Out of financial necessity, farmer Dan Reilly has agreed to partake in what he thought were simple fertility tests on his cattle; not knowing that the private bio-tech laboratory he‘s working for was secretly conducting illegal… Continue reading ISOLATION


The inmates of Moorgate Young Offenders Institution are beyond the help of the system. They’re too tough to handle and too far gone to be brought back. Their prison is a dumping ground for the young criminals that society cannot deal with. Nothing scares them, nothing and no-one intimidates them. That is until they are… Continue reading WILDERNESS


It seemed like the kind of house where no one asked you any questions. It was old and rambling, in need of a little renovation, certainly. But quiet. Somewhere to begin again. But from the moment he moved in, it didn’t feel right to John. He’d been through a lot recently. And there were those… Continue reading LIE STILL


Medical doctor Annika and her 17- year-old daughter Saga, have just moved to Lapland, where Annika has found work in a local hospital. The little town, with its seemingly endless polar night, appears to be just as boring as Saga thought it would be. However, at her new school, she quickly becomes friends with Vega,… Continue reading FROSTBITE


A man with Down syndrome smashes a snail. Another snail arrives and despairs over the death of her fellow gastropod. Then the King arrives in his fantasy underworld. Maybe he’s the conscience or the inner psyche of the snailkiller ? The King has a minstrel. He plays a very racist song. Next we see a… Continue reading WHAT IS IT?


It‘s graduation day for Nina and her friends. They have passed their final high school exams and head off to celebrate. That night, they all receive an identical text message : “ In 3 days… you’re dead ! ” At first, they think it’s a sick practical joke. But no one is laughing anymore when… Continue reading DEAD IN 3 DAYS


The near future. Writer Victor Banev travels to a remote Siberian town to see his daughter, who’s a pupil in a boarding school for gifted children. Her teachers are called “aquatters”. They could be mutants or aliens or something else altogether. The climate has mysteriously changed in the town, flooded by endless rainfall. An eerie… Continue reading UGLY SWANS


Single mother Hope returns home from a successful blind date and goes to sleep. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in terrible pain in a coffin-like crate. When it’s finally opened, she’s struck unconscious, only to wake again in even more terrifying and painful circumstances; bound to a tree with a precarious foothold.… Continue reading BROKEN


Seven adults and two children live together in a few rooms of a huge building. They cannot or don’t want to leave the building. But there is not much food and supplies are running short. According to an old man who lives apart from the community and who takes care of all repairs, everything started… Continue reading THE DARK HOUR


A key artefact in one of the stories of the Kalevala, the famous Finnish epic poem, is the Sampo, a magical happiness machine forged by a legendary smith to help win the love of a woman. But the Sampo is stolen by a powerful demon who believes it can be used to create hell on… Continue reading JADE WARRIOR


In order to observe human subjects in the wild and under controlled circumstances, aliens pluck two strangers, a man and a woman, from a forest and drop them naked into a cage suspended in darkness. Subject A is Agathe, a painter whose volcanic temper is offset by the brooding of subject B, musician Bernard. The… Continue reading NOS AMIS LES TERRIENS


The near future. Writer Victor Banev travels to a remote Siberian town to see his daughter, who’s a pupil in a boarding school for gifted children. Her teachers are called “aquatters”. They could be mutants or aliens or something else altogether. The climate has mysteriously changed in the town, flooded by endless rainfall. An eerie… Continue reading THE SWORDBEARER


David Norton is used to being in control. As a best-selling sci-fi author, he decides the fate of his characters, their lives and deaths. But what happens when his fictional world becomes all too real ? David arrives in Mallorca for a conference. Everything seems to be going well until his fiancée suddenly jumps to… Continue reading THE KOVAK BOX


Back in the 50’s, when Rock ‘n Roll was king, shy and stuttering Teddy Boy Johnny Taylor wanted just one thing; to dance with Sally Andrews, the girl of his dreams. But Johnny’s dream turns into a nightmare, when he’s bullied and beaten by Sally’s boyfriend and finds himself at the centre of a murder… Continue reading FLICK


As the suburbs of Paris burn again due to the election triumph of an extreme right-wing party, a group of youths use the chaos as a cover for smash-and-grab robberies. For Yasmina, the money is an escape from the slums she has known all her life. With the police on their tail, her gang splits… Continue reading FRONTIERE(S)


Kate Warner is a woman in her late twenties. She’s running her own startup, and has recently left her boyfriend Mike. One day, all of her friends start to get murdered… by their doubles. Even more frightening, Kate soon finds out that all the victims had some kind of metallic artefact implanted in their chest.… Continue reading ARTEFACTS


Lara is a young and self-confident student from Germany. Her entire life is thrown in disarray when her father, mother and little sister all die in a car accident in Romania. Together with her best friends, she heads for Romania where they encounter a very strange and frightening world. They discover an international food scandal… Continue reading BUKAREST FLEISCH


Doctor Hell, famous gynaecologist, wants to control the entire world. His plan : to heal humanity using a miraculous medicine in return for its complete submission. Deep down in his secret bunker, beds are filled with writhing test-subjects who have miraculously survived his perfidious experiments. Now there’s one thing to do. Get rid of one… Continue reading DOCTOR HELL, THE MOVIE



A man wakes up in a low-tech, underground cave system called Eden Log. Covered completely in mud and surrounded by darkness, he has to figure out how to get out of this place. At first sight, it seems abandoned. But as he gets further and further into the cave system, he soon realizes that he’s… Continue reading EDEN LOG


Davenport, Iowa 1957. On a dark winter night, in a home for the elderly, a horrible event takes place during a terrible snow storm. Forty years later. Lei, a beautiful woman in her forties, is released from a mental institution where she was admitted after her husband’s suicide. She suffered from severe depression, paranoia, extreme… Continue reading THE HIDEOUT


Abbot Donato thought he could lead a quit and tranquil life, far away from temptation, in the remote little village of Sainte-Urulle. But temptation is just around the corner. The Baroness de Bailleux, a young aristocratic nymphomaniac, has laid her eyes on the handsome monk. Falling for her ample charms, Donato discovers that she’s also… Continue reading LE PRINCE DE CE MONDE


Santi is 16 years old and suffers from XP, a disease that makes him acutely sensitive to sunlight, a fact that doesn’t exactly make his or his mother Julia’s life in Barcelona easy. Santi longs to leave. Best of all would be to move to Laponia, because the sun seldom shines on this northern Swedish… Continue reading SHIVER


Hector is staying in a country house in northern Spain with his companion, Clara. As he drives toward the place, something falls out of the trunk. When he gets out to investigate, he sees movement in a forest clearing opposite the house. Through his binoculars, he catches sight of a girl removing her clothes. Hector… Continue reading TIMECRIMES


2015, the world is in chaos. The last known oil fields have been vanquished, overpopulation has reached critical levels and mankind is about to become a thing of the past. Out of this apocalyptical nightmare, an entity known only as the Corporation devises a course of action to cull the human race and initialise a… Continue reading THE VANGUARD


Elaine and Jonah are on their way to the country mansion of Elaine’s sister Chloe and her husband Robbie to celebrate the New Year. Besides there being a lot of friction between the two couples, they also have four kids among them and one rebellious adolescent, Casey, who constantly tries to see how far she… Continue reading THE CHILDREN


A title like this is supposed to make us sweat, but as we are somewhere up North, we may assume that we’re talking about… cold sweat. The sauna is situated in a remote village somewhere between Russia and Finland. The year is 1595, just after a war between the two countries. The Finnish brothers Knut… Continue reading SAUNA


Barbara’s one and only ambition is to completely resemble her favourite childhood toy Cindy Superstar. Up to now, she has fairly succeeded and that’s where the problems start. She now looks like a plasticized tart who has single-handedly raised China’s GDP with her extensive wardrobe. Yet she lacks one tiny little detail, she needs Glenn,… Continue reading SEXY KILLER


Are you fed up with this society and its corrupt politicians, meaningless wars and unjust distribution of the riches of this Earth ? So what do you do ; revolt ? But where and how ? In order to make a real difference, disappointed dreamers and idealists from all over the planet have created a… Continue reading 8TH WONDERLAND