At the end of Cold Prey 1, Jannike made it out alive but all her friends have been killed. So, does this mean that the abominable snow killer responsible for the massacre is also dead ? Cold Prey 2 : It was actually a very close shot. A forest ranger found Jannike severely injured and… Continue reading COLD PREY 2


“In three days you’ll be dead” was text-messaged to five Austrian students. They wouldn’t believe it, but the audience that saw the first film knows better. They also know that Nina survived. She has tried to put the past behind her by moving to Vienna. Unfortunately Nina is haunted by nightmares of her friend and… Continue reading DEAD IN 3 DAYS 2


Preest, a mysterious, masked vigilante, is searching for his arch-enemy in the seedy bars and dark, neo-gothic streets of Meanwhile City, a vast and monumental cyber-metropolis and the capital of a religiously obsessed totalitarian state. At the same time, we follow three characters in contemporary London. Esser is looking for his missing son, a damaged… Continue reading FRANKLYN


Welcome to the Lötschental, one of Switzerland’s biggest valleys. Like many a tourist, you want to see the carnival and the famous Tschägättä parade. And that’s why Gildas and his wife and daughter are here. Unfortunately, they meet professor Schneider and his son, who couldn’t care less about carnivals. They’re only interested in a scientific… Continue reading HUMAINS


Francesca is a pediatrician who is dedicated to both motherhood and children, married to another physician, Pedro. After the birth of a new child, Francesca begins to suffer from postnatal depression. Following the advice of friend and psychiatrist Jean, the couple move to a new home away from the city. But Francesca’s obsession with her… Continue reading NO-DO


Doctor Leeman is an profiler for the FBI. He accompanies a squad that attempts to free the victims of the notorious serial killer known as The Spider. But everything goes wrong. The agents and the hostages are killed and the Spider eludes capture. Feeling guilty, the doc returns to his job as a shrink. One… Continue reading VISIONS


One day, a simple fisherman finds a beautiful and mysterious woman in his nets off the Irish coast. She seems to be death, but comes miraculously back to life before his eyes. The fisherman, Syracuse, is an irresponsible loner. He’s divorced from his wife and estranged from his wheelchair-bound daughter Annie. The arrival of Ondine… Continue reading ONDINE


We can be proud of our techno-thrilling comfort: our famous window to the world, broadened by cable, digital TV, Internet, Bluetooth… Nothing escapes anymore from the Peeping Toms we’ve become! We’re happy, we’ve got enough shit to talk about during boring diners with our boss or booze competitions with our friends. But, and this might… Continue reading 1


Sarah didn’t expect anything like this. Just a quick detour to the Beacon 77 building, so that her friend Zoe could split up with her teacher/lover. An express dump and over and out. Now they’re both stuck in the teacher’s apartment with Declan, a misogynist genius in a wheelchair, cyber bitch Kendra and a wall-to-wall… Continue reading BEACON 77


We should have known it : in the 23th century, our earth seems like an enormous open septic tank and our dear descendants have no other choice but to cram as cattle in overpopulated space stations gravitating around the blue carcass. Laura, who’s had enough of sharing her bit of oxygen, dreams of one thing:… Continue reading CARGO

THE DOOR by Anno Saul

An idyllic summer day. In stead of catching butterflies with his daughter Leonie, egocentric artist David crosses the street for some afternoon sex with his mistress. When he returns, he finds the lifeless body of Leonie floating in the pool. Five years later on a cold winter night. David, only a shadow of his former… Continue reading THE DOOR by Anno Saul

GLENN 3948

Jack and Henry are bitter rivals, two piano geniuses with an oversized ego. Their favorite battledress is a tuxedo and the weapons are usually eight and sixteenth notes and epileptic arpeggios. Until the day that Henry, not happy with Jack having stolen his fiancée, breaks some fingers on a door frame. This new handicap drives… Continue reading GLENN 3948


Shame on the craven sons of the Vikings, eternal mead boozers, who introduced overtaxed State distilleries all over Norway! To avoid paying the local rotgut as if it was a Chanel n°5 perfume bottle, the stingy boozers illegally load their car with boxes full of Aquavit in Sweden. Of course, Lina and Martin do not… Continue reading DETOUR


Mary and her adolescent son Fergal lead a life on the run, hiding from the dark forces that are pursuing them. When they find a new hideout in a grim council flat in the Edinburgh suburbs, Fergal falls in love with his attractive and feisty neighbour Petronella. But Mary will not let her run away… Continue reading OUTCAST


Solomon Kane, a bloodthirsty, amoral, treasure hunting pirate captain, sold his soul to the Devil. He didn’t hesitate to shoot his own men when they refused to follow him in his battles with all kinds of demonic creatures in search of gold and glory. But that was then. Solomon Kane has repented. He spends his… Continue reading SOLOMON KANE


Do you feel as if the grim reaper might put its bony hand on your shoulder at any time ? Do you have a well-stuffed bank account and a tremendous will to live ? Welcome to Menzana, a corporation that has turned death into an illness and sells the remedy at a very high price.… Continue reading TRANSFER


Three students have dug up a juicy one-of-akind subject for their final research project: the unexplained death of several bears in the Scandinavian Forests. To be honest, it beats a cheap documentary about the procreation of jellyfish in Iceland’s cold deep-sea. They quickly realize that poaching is not the answer, unless you use a silent… Continue reading TROLL HUNTER


Johanna is jogging in the woods, when she’s suddenly attacked by a man in an orange jumpsuit. Her assailant drills a hole in her skull and leaves her for dead. When the police call Johanna’s father Morten to ask him to come over and identify his daughter’s body in the morgue, he tells them that… Continue reading DARK SOULS


Devastated by the Great Epidemic, the world is governed by hordes of the living dead. Three men – Igor and Alen, two hunters of the dead, and a scientist, Gyno – try to find an answer to what has happened to the human race. Alen and Igor leave for two days of hunting to find… Continue reading EATERS


Mrs Sethi, a widow, can’t bear the thought of her daughter being alone and unhappy. Okay, she’s a little plump and opinionated… but she would make a great wife for some lucky man, if only she were given a chance. When Mrs Sethi can no longer stomach the rudeness of families who refuse her daughter,… Continue reading IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE


Julia returns to Bellevue with her husband to visit her sister Sarah, who is near blind due to a degenerative illness for which she has unsuccessfully undergone surgery. When they arrive, Julia finds that Sarah has taken her own life and none of her mysterious neighbors seem to be at all surprised. Julia has to… Continue reading JULIA’S EYES

PREY by Antoine Blossier

Nathan is visiting his fiancée Claire at her family’s estate. When mutilated animals are found on the terrain, Claire’s grandfather, her father and her brother decide to form a hunting party. They set of into the woods with future son-in-law Nathan trudging along. A wild boar seems to be the main suspect for the carnage,… Continue reading PREY by Antoine Blossier


It looks like a lethal version of the US game show Deal or no Deal : everybody wants to know what’s in the box. There is also a large sum of money at stake but, on the other hand, the contestants have a lot to lose. Basically, if you lose, you die. The contestants of… Continue reading RED NIGHTS


Insatiably curious to explore the world beneath their feet, four young tourists – Korean Juna, French Marie, American Denis and his Venezuelan girlfriend Lucia – engage the services of Kris, a local guide, to lead them through the maze of tunnels, bunkers, cavernous spaces and others WO II remains underneath Berlin. When Kris falls into… Continue reading URBAN EXPLORER


Alice, the young daughter of veterinarian Patrick and his wife Louise, is bitten to death by a rabid dog. The grieving couple moves from the big city to the small, rural village of Wake Wood. Its name is aptly chosen, because the forests around Wake Wood have the power to bring back the recently deceased;… Continue reading WAKE WOOD


After a night of partying, Julio awakes in a flat without knowing where he is or how he got there. Its beautiful inhabitant is called Julia and hasn’t a clue either about what happened last night. After a few uncomfortable moments, Julia wants to leave but then something unexpected catches their attention. There seems to… Continue reading EXTRATERRESTRE


After the critical success of his first novel, 500 pages of hectic dialogue on a bottle of Jägermeister, Tomas Marino is invited to his childhood village for a ceremony in his honor. Well, the village is not nearly as classy as the Prado in Madrid, the girls are all toothless and there is a manor… Continue reading GAME OF WEREWOLVES


Those who thought that everything ended in 1945 with a shot in a bunker under the ruins of Berlin, are in for a nasty surprise. The secret space program of the Nazi’s really existed ! The evil bastards fled to the dark city of the moon, where they quickly started to multiply and come up… Continue reading IRON SKY


Jo, Max, Dave and Gwen are the winners of a contest organized by the social network site The big prize is an all expenses included trip to New York in a luxurious private jet. Once on board, they find out that the contest hasn’t finished yet. Every seat comes equipped with a monitor that… Continue reading PANIC BUTTON


Kate and Martin, a couple with marriage troubles, retreat to a deserted and remote island near the Scottish coast where they used to spend happier times. They try to work on their relation, but Kate is so stuck in her depression that she rejects Martin’s every attempt of contact. It all changes when a third… Continue reading RETREAT


Let’s put it bluntly: Ronal isn’t exactly how you would imagine a genuine barbarian. You know those walking bundles of biceps with Austrian accents that could rip your arm out just by tickling your armpit. Well, that’s not Ronal. He’s a weak shrimp, a real wussie with twig-like arms. And now the fate of his… Continue reading RONAL THE BARBARIAN


Benno is not at all like the Sandman from the Chordettes’ classical song ( Mr Sandman, bring me a dream… pom, pom, pom, pom ). He’s an egomaniac with a job at a stamp store that consists in ripping off clients who don’t realise the value of the collections they inherited from their deceased family… Continue reading THE SANDMAN


A graduation party for college students gets out of hand when a game of “Truth or Dare” openly humiliates the ultra rich and equally shy Felix. The five students that are involved in Felix’s embarrassment will face the devastating consequences of their actions. A few months later, they are reunited on their way to Felix’s… Continue reading TRUTH OR DARE


With the years and all the gossip and rumors, the Draymen Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of unsavory locals and brutal violence, several people have apparently gone missing in these creepy suburbs. Unfortunately for the victims, even the police won’t go there… Two student filmmakers with a well meaning plan… Continue reading COMMUNITY


At eleven years old, Joe Norman is told by his dying father that he is the last survivor of a rebel group from the planet Zalaxon and he has to hide from the alien dictator Xalador. Joe believes his father and grows up to become a die-hard nerd working in a comic shop. He’s constantly… Continue reading EARTHBOUND


A number of childhood friends, who haven’t seen each other in twenty years, reunite for a weekend in the mountains. It soon becomes clear that Felix, the one who brought them together, does not only want to relive sweet memories from their golden days. We’re in for a weekend of unfinished business and uneasy confessions.… Continue reading THE END


Sophia moves into an austere marble building with her daughter Helena. The house is fun to explore and the girl finds an old closet in the basement. A few days after their move, Helena looses her first baby tooth. While she drives her to school, Sophia tells the story of the Tooth Fairy who will… Continue reading FAIRYTALE


In this brave new chapter of Jack’s life, he’s abandoned kids books and longs for recognition as a serious author, hence ‘Decades of Death’ – a psychological drama, examining the lives of the most horrifying serial killers of the Victorian era. Unfortunately, Jack’s life goes into a tailspin when he becomes gripped by an irrational… Continue reading A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING


Spain in the 1930ties. Oscar and his wife Dora lead a hard and poor existence in a remote country village. Ramon is known as the only fascist in the community. When the civil war breaks out, the anarchists, led by Coixo, seize power and force Ramon into hiding. Nearby their house is a circle of… Continue reading THE FOREST


Baz is one of Britain’s new breed of police, a cycle cop. Although he appears to be a figure of fun, a freak accident will turn him into a psychopath. As riots break out in London, a head injury changes Baz from an everyday police officer into a mad vigilante, offering no-hope criminals a stark… Continue reading MAY I KILL U ?


There are some opportunities in life that you should better not take. Ale, who works as a mechanic in a garage, is best friends with Marco and Simone. They went to school together and now hang out in their Rome neighbourhood in the suburbs where nothing ever happens. One weekend they find themselves with the… Continue reading PAURA 3D


Set in an impoverished world plunged into a Cold War with a new enemy, Britain’s Ministry of Defense is on the brink of developing a game-changing weapon. Lead scientist Vincent McCarthy provides the answer with his creation, The Machine, an android with unrivalled physical and processing skills, a mechanized soldier and thinking robot that would… Continue reading THE MACHINE


Mary Holmes has a great life. She’s young, beautiful and lives in Los Angeles. She has a good job teaching at a private elementary school and four beautiful children. But things aren’t always what they seem. Mary has problems. She has a difficult time feeling things, and the fact that she eats twenty Vicodin a… Continue reading YELLOW


Four kids, Tokyo, Pete, Adam and Esther wake up in their stranded car in an abandoned field only to find that the Sun did not rise. What’s more, they discover that a strange, 30 foot diameter, almost invisible, bionic “aura” is covering their surroundings. It reacts to their touch, and soon mysterious things start to… Continue reading AURA


It’s a warm and dry summer. Dan, Tom and Victor, three inseparable adolescents, take advantage of the last day of school to wander in the countryside. They jump with joy when they discover an abandoned old film studio, whose many corridors and halls are just begging to be explored. What they don’t know is that… Continue reading AUX YEUX DES VIVANTS


Frustrated with the social injustice he faces every day and the bureaucratic culture of the office where he works, Edward Arkham is at boiling point. Although a successful analyst with a leading IT consultancy, years of routine have taken their toll, and the unbearable daily monotony fuels his frustration and bitterness. When Edward is stung… Continue reading DEMENTAMANIA


A young man is admitted to an asylum after killing an elderly married couple. No one knows his motives and he refuses to reveal them. Lisbeth, a researcher, runs an experiment in the asylum. Disturbed, violent inmates are given pets as a means of re-humanising them. The disturbed young man is assigned a cat. At… Continue reading THE HOUR OF THE LYNX


In Romanian mythology, the Incubus is a handsome demon who bewilders the minds and feelings of young girls, making them yearn for love. He is also considered an erotic semi-divine being, symbolising all forms of sexuality to women who are craving sexual pleasure. But nowadays men and women live in a disenchanted world where they… Continue reading THE LAST INCUBUS


Rachel Heggie, a tough female cop from the big city is transferred to a small village in the Irish countryside. To show the stuff she’s made of, she arrests the only criminal in the region and puts him in a cell for the night. But that’s not the end of it. It’s the beginning of… Continue reading LET US PREY


Baldurrock House has a dark reputation. Built on the site of a pagan shrine, the crumbling mansion in the Scottish Highlands holds many disturbing secrets. When troubled teacher James Findlay begins having visions of a nightmarish owl figure, he returns to Baldurrock, his ancestral home, in search of answers. There, he meets Evie Turner, a… Continue reading LORD OF TEARS


Romania, 1935. Young painter Egor accompanies his girlfriend Sanda to her family castle deep in the woods. There he meets Madam Moscu, her mother, Simina, her little sister and professor Nazarie, an archeologist who’s doing some research in the area. Moscu, Simina and Sanda worship Miss Christina, Moscu’s older sister, who died in strange circumstances… Continue reading MISS CHRISTINA


Lucy and Kelly, two all-American girls, are on holiday in Montenegro, the country of origin of their college buddy Alex. They enjoy the sea, the sun, the beach, the local pot and lots of rakija. But after a while they get bored and start to look for some real kicks. Boban, a friend of Alex,… Continue reading NYMPH


Norwegian archeologist Sigurd Svendsen is a young widower with two kids. His life work is the deciphering of the runes found on the famous Viking ship of Oseberg. He believes they contain the key to understanding the myth of Ragnarok, that giant serpent that devours itself and which symbolizes the end of the world. After… Continue reading RAGNAROK


After her beloved husband Tristan died in a car crash, classical musician Audrey tries to kill herself. Her attempt fails. Torn by grief, she retreats to a remote cottage in the Welsh countryside. But she finds out she’s not alone. The ghost of the previous owner, Douglas Talbot, still haunts the place. He did succeed… Continue reading SOULMATE


25-year old Raúl gets to win a ground-breaking competition. He now has to live in a media store for a week and cannot leave the building under any circumstance. His only contact with the outside world are social networks. The aim of the game is to get 100,000 followers. But winning soon becomes a secondary… Continue reading VIRAL


Somewhere on the planet, a terrible war rages. Hannah and her son have managed to escape from the bombs, tanks and guns and have arrived at a place where everybody wants to go to: the No Man’s Land. Every refugee tries to get in, because it’s supposed to be a safe place from war and… Continue reading ANOTHER FRONTIER

THE CANAL by Ivan Kavanagh

Film archivist David (Rupert Evans) is having a tough time. He thinks his wife Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) is cheating on him with Alex (Carl Shabaan), one of his clients at work. This doesn’t exactly create positive vibes in their marriage. Then David’s colleague Claire (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) gives him a reel from the archive that shows… Continue reading THE CANAL by Ivan Kavanagh


A disaster of apocalyptical proportions strikes during a relentless heatwave. Danny and his younger brother William have not always been able to get along. They live in a quiet little town where nothing ever happens until the day that climate change leads to the impossible. Deadly monsters crawl out of the ocean and start killing… Continue reading DANNY’S DOOMSDAY


It’s the middle of the 21st century. Desertification has made most of the planet uninhabitable. What’s left of humanity, a mere 21 million, depends on robots to do the dirty work. Jacq Vaucan is an insurance agent of ROC Robotics Corporation who investigates cases of robots violating their primary protocols against altering themselves. Robots must… Continue reading AUTOMATA


Let’s go back to Colorado in 1887. The sky is dominated by a blood red moon. In a typical small town, a number of mysterious characters cross paths, among whom Calhoun (Shaun Dooley), a lone gunslinger. They are captured by a band of outlaws, but after a while they discover a bigger threat that might… Continue reading BLOOD MOON

THE FORGOTTEN by Oliver Frampton

Is Ken Loach a scrip writer’s best friend or are English directors in love with social dramas? In The Forgotten, 14-year old Tommy is having everything but the time of his life. His depressed mum, who fills her days swallowing pills, sends Tommy to his irresponsible and chaotic dad. His never present progenitor doesn’t exactly… Continue reading THE FORGOTTEN by Oliver Frampton


Sarah and Mark are driving through the Irish countryside when suddenly their car becomes stuck. Stranded without any visible traces of civilization, the couple has no choice but to start walking until they reach the closest residence. After a while, they discover an isolated house with a wounded man inside. When they try to help… Continue reading FROM THE DARK


This horrifying tryptic starts with the story of a girl who’s fascinated by castration and mutilation, a fascination that turns into reality. Next we have a couple of deaf and dumb lovers, exploring an abandoned building. The girl starts telling a fascinating and fantastic story about how her grandmother in Poland survived a raid by… Continue reading GERMAN ANGST


The Spanish never shy away from a solid portion of baroque horror. No one less than Bifff regular Alex de la Iglesia (El Día de Bestia, Balada Triste) produced this intense tale about two sisters who share an apartment in 1950ties Madrid. It could be a cozy affair, but big sis Montse suffers from anxiety… Continue reading SHREW’S NEST


Vampire count Geza von Kösznöm is lying on Sigmund Freud’s couch because he’s bored of his life and frustrated of the “eternally long” relationship with his wife Elsa, who’s constantly complaining about the fact that she’s not able to look at herself in the mirror anymore. Freud advises him to hire the services of Victor,… Continue reading THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE


Steve, a young professional snowboarder, ruins a high-paying photo shoot by playing a silly prank. He, his girlfriend Branka and fellow snowboarder Joschi are left behind on the mountain. They seek shelter in an après-ski tavern that is hosting an all-night party. Things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment unleashes an epidemic… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSEN ZOMBIES


Cop Remzi and his squad have started their night as usual; sitting in a bar, telling each other some dirty jokes and torturing a poor runner who gave them a bad look. When they get a phone call to help out in the worst neighborhood in town, they’re looking forward to bashing in some heads.… Continue reading BASKIN


When a group of elite online gamers each receive a mysterious invitation to trial a state-of-the-art virtual reality video game, it’s a dream come true and impossible to resist. Arriving at the test site, the group step into hi-tech gear and prepare for a revolutionary, next-level gaming experience that brings modern warfare to life with… Continue reading THE CALL UP


Pjotr arrives in Poland as the rich white knight from the big city. He’s getting married to the beautiful Zaneta in the mansion of her family. The weather is nice, the birds are singing, the sky is blue and Piotr take this opportunity to set up the garden before the big party. But here’s the… Continue reading DEMON


Welcome to Waterloo Station (not the one in Belgium, but the big one in London). All aboard for the night train that will depart to picturesque rural England. As it should be on a night train, we find sleepy travelers, bored conductors and sneaky ticket inspectors. But in the middle of the ride the train… Continue reading HOWL


Fin and Joel are the definition of scum. Their parents have either died or plainly given up on providing them basic support. The existence of their schoolmates is strictly based on giving them their lunch money and being used as punching bags. A teacher raising his voice is just background noise for the duo when… Continue reading THE LESSON


Whoever watched movies like Candyman, Mirror or the recent Oculus must have drawn this conclusion: don’t mess with mirrors. Of course, being a teenager sometimes makes you unable to learn any lessons. That is why four young Russians decide to take a closer look at the urban legend of the Queen of Spades. Instead of… Continue reading QUEEN OF SPADES: THE DARK RITE


The Shamer’s daughter, Dina, has unwillingly inherited her mother’s supernatural ability. She can look straight into the soul of other people, making them feel ashamed of themselves. When the sole heir to the throne is wrongfully accused of the horrible murders of his family, Dina’s mother is lured to Dunark under false pretenses to make… Continue reading THE SHAMER’S DAUGHTER


Pernille and Dino live a carefree life in the beautiful and quiet Copenhagen suburb of Sorgenfri, together with their daughter Maj and their son Gustav. Their youngest, Maj, is a sweet and obedient kid, while their eldest, Gustav, is going through various puberty crises. But the arrival of an attractive across the street neighbor does… Continue reading WHAT WE BECOME


Four American camp counsellors are spending their summer at a camp in Spain trying to teach unruly kids some understanding of English; if they’re not too busy getting drunk or trying to get into each other’s pants, of course. Nearby, a bunch of druggies have set up camp. There also seems to be a problem… Continue reading SUMMER CAMP


Appearances can be deceiving. You wouldn’t tell from his Garfield-looks and his silky fur, but Shero is the most notorious cat on Earth. He’s a dedicated alcoholic, reigning over his district as a madman and terrorising the non-neutered Siamese cats; while he’s not smoking catnip, of course. On a beautiful day, when he’s in a… Continue reading BAD CAT


Skender, an irascible and old-fashioned butcher, is the kind of patriarch we do not want to upset, especially when he plays with a cleaver on the carcass of a sheep. Yet his two children have dreams a little more ambitious than selling some guts in the family business. But Skender and his family are in… Continue reading BLOODLANDS


Modern city girl Nastya is madly in love with her handsome Ivan. A marriage only seems to be the next logical step in their fairytale. But Nastya has to take into account that Ivan’s family are very, very traditional and they follow the customs and traditions of 19th Century imperial Russia. As soon as she… Continue reading THE BRIDE


Every 50 years, English vampires meet for their traditional board meeting. This time they found a cozy little farmhouse to discuss the borders of their territories, potential disputes, threats to the community and the management of food stocks. But the most important item on the agenda is the admission of a new member to their… Continue reading EAT LOCALS

LOOP by Isit Madarász

Wanting to bypass your employer when you’re in the business of controlled substances, is already a bad idea. When Adam discovers that Anna, his girlfriend and partner in crime, is expecting a child, our gallant knight doesn’t postpone his suicide mission for another nine months. He decides to finish the job on his own. Even… Continue reading LOOP by Isit Madarász


Sandra is locked outside her Monolith, the safest car in the world, built to protect her loved ones from any threat. Seated behind her and tied to his seat, David, her 2 year old son, is playing with her cellphone. Suddenly Sandra runs over a deer, stops and gets out of the car. David, by… Continue reading MONOLITH


Dana Milgrom is a track coach, who having survived a near-death car accident, finds herself completely paralyzed and trapped inside her own body. While recovering, she becomes convinced that some evil presence exists inside her hospital room and is intent on killing her. No one believes her; not even her own family, who think she’s… Continue reading NAILS


Helena was born in deep space on a colony vessel piloted by her parents. While she was still a kid, an oxygen leak drastically reduced their chances of survival. There wouldn’t be enough air to breathe to get all three of them to their destination. Her parents sacrificed themselves so that Helena would live. They… Continue reading ORBITER 9


Kira Mabon lives her life to the fullest. She is young, beautiful, happy. Until one morning she discovers a spot of dried-up skin on her hand. Terrified by the decay of her body, Kira is desperately searching for a cure. But the disease keeps spreading, and nobody seems to be able to help. Devastated, Kira… Continue reading REPLACE


Ib and Edward, two tradesmen, are tired of their lifeless marriages and dream of living the good life from the stash of money they’ve earned moonlighting for years. After a huge fight with their wives, Gritt and Ingrid, the two men get drunk and hire a Russian contract killer to do a hit on their… Continue reading SMALL TOWN KILLERS


When you are twelve years old, you like to play games, go on a pick nick with your parents and enjoy those precious times without hesitation. But when you’re living in a dystopian future that resembles a lot like a version of capitalist communism, you know that those moments will not last long. Djata gets… Continue reading THE WHITE KING


It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Easier said than done for rookie police inspector Rebecca, who has to pry into the sleaziest crimes. As if that weren’t enough, she has to put up with her male chauvinist pig colleagues and their sick sense of humor. Especially the other half of her detective… Continue reading CHARISMATA


2148. Milutin is a skilled astronaut working for the Ederlezi Corporation. He just finished his training to participate in the most dangerous mission ever; an expedition to Alpha Centauri, the only planet suitable for human life. As the journey is going to be very long, the astronaut might risk getting bored. The Ederlezi Corporation has… Continue reading EDERLEZI RISING


1914. A ship drops off a weather official at a remote island in Arctic waters. He’s supposed to stay for a year to do meteorological research. The man he replaces is reported to have succumbed to typhoid fever. At least that’s what the island’s sole other inhabitant, the grumpy lighthouse-keeper, claims. He’s not exactly a… Continue reading COLD SKIN


Four years after a viral epidemic turned the infected into rabid brain-eaters, a cure has finally been found. 75% of patients are in complete remission and can re-enter civil society. Senan is one of them. He is relieved to be reunited with his sister-in-law and his nephew without wanting to eat their limbs. However, it’s… Continue reading THE CURED


Sure, we all have our demons to contend with but Patxi, a blacksmith in a Basque village in the early 19th century, has quite a special demon. For years, he’s been fighting off a low-level devil to whom he once pledged his soul and who wants to present him with a one-way ticket to hell.… Continue reading ERREMENTARI


Mikhail Chourov is a young, cynical and ruthless businessman. He works for an unscrupulous real estate agent, managing the grounds for future housing estates in St. Petersburg. But one of his projects has stalled since activists accuse him of wanting to destroy a historical site. Chourov doesn’t give a damn about the remains of Red… Continue reading FRONTIER


A remote country house in a mountainous region sounds like the perfect place for a New Year’s Eve family dinner, right ? There’s quite a bit of tension between the different family members, but when an uninvited guest shows up, all hell breaks loose. Disguised as a homeless midget, none other than God himself comes… Continue reading KILLING GOD


After a car accident that killed his son, John is suffering from an extremely rare form of post-traumatic stress disorder: constant tremors, raw nerves and terrible headaches. This is now the daily cocktail of this renowned surgeon. Obviously, no one lets him go near a scalpel. John tries everything to calm his pain: drugs, horse… Continue reading PAINKILLERS


Finally, graduation! No more high school! In order to celebrate Julia, her classmates and thousands of fellow graduates are on their way to an island resort in Croatia. It’s supposed to be the party of their lives. The harmless fun, however, soon turns dead serious. When a friend is killed in a tragic accident, the… Continue reading PARTY HARD, DIE YOUNG


The near future: German society is in the doldrums and Berlin is the scene of street battles. Tan and Javid get into a fight with the manager of a kebab joint and swiftly send him to the netherworld. Also killed are some innocent bystanders, including the parents of Eliana, who retaliates by sending a series… Continue reading SNOWFLAKE