Ashura is a commemoration during Muharram (the first month in the Islamic calendar) which originally coincided with the beginning of a holy armistice. Peace also reigns at the beginning of this story. Somewhere in the Moroccan countryside, four children scare the living daylights out of each other, just for fun of course. In a house… Continue reading ACHOURA


All of Denmark is sitting back on its butt. The streets are emptier than North Korea’s treasury because just about everybody is glued to their television sets to witness the biggest sports game of the year. Except for two young women (blonde but not brain dead) in a service station in the south of the… Continue reading FINALE


A stout man in uniform wakes up at the Piazza Vittoro and notices with great contempt a bunch of dark skinned kids playing football. “We’re under attack”, he scornfully mumbles. He gets up, wipes the dust off his uniform and swiftly walks on until he gets to a newsstand. He sees the date and instantly… Continue reading I’M BACK


Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the Earth bears the disastrous and irrevocable consequences of the enormous nuclear war. The old Nazi moon base has become humanity’s last refuge, where colonies have been formed with their own ideals and religions. Among them, for example, the Jobsists, a cult that worships the holy Steve… Continue reading IRON SKY 2 (THE COMING RACE)


Lucas and Chloe are two passionate gamers. When they hear about Paranoia, an extremely exclusive escape game, they can’t help themselves but participate. After they manage to solve the first riddle, the location of the finale is revealed: a deserted psychiatric hospital in the middle of a terrifying forest. When they arrive, there are four… Continue reading PLAY OR DIE


Rose is a young violinist on the verge of breaking through. She is no longer in touch with her father, an erstwhile composing prodigy, but her loyal impresario dedicates his every moment to her career. One day between two recording sessions, Rose hears of her father’s passing. He bequeaths her not just his castle in… Continue reading THE SONATA


Alex is a musically gifted teenager. He has quite a good understanding with his mom but things don’t go so well with his dad. The latter’s fits of rage and whacky conspiracy theories might have something to do with that. Twelve years later, Alex is a well-known musician. At the funeral of his mom, he… Continue reading THE UNTHINKABLE


Karen and John are drifting apart. Once, they were a beautiful, young couple but after the miscarriage of their first child, their relationship has turned as sour as milk that’s been left out of the fridge for too long. Routine and boredom have gotten the better of them when a sudden event changes everything: a… Continue reading ZOO

The Platform

A prison, 333 floors. Two prisoners on each floor, some of whom have climbed up on their own. A platform filled with delicacies, the finest wines, the sweetest deserts, stops every day during two minutes at each floor. Rule one: every prisoner can take a personal object with them. Rule two: if a prisoner stocks… Continue reading The Platform

Advantages of Travelling by Train

“Imagine a woman coming home and surprising her husband inspecting his own shit with a popsicle stick”. That’s the opening phrase of Aritz Moreno’s first feature. It’s the perfect taster for what’s to come. What could be more innocent than starting a conversation on the train with the person you’re sitting across, right? Wrong. When… Continue reading Advantages of Travelling by Train

Breaking Surface

A couple of days after Christmas, Ida and Tuva, two adventurous sisters, decide to sweat out the holiday calories. The average mortal would just opt for a Basic Fit subscription which they’d forget some weeks later. But these sisters aren’t your average mortals. No, what better way to burn away some calories than to take… Continue reading Breaking Surface


INVASION is the bigger, better, badder sequel to ATTRACTION, which we presented at the BIFFF 2017. Three years after an alien spaceship crash-landed in Moscow, Julia, who was saved from death with the help of extraterrestrial technology, has started to develop unusual abilities. She has become an object of research conducted in secret laboratories of… Continue reading Invasion


Who needs the Marvel Cinematic Universe when you’ve got the Russian Cinematic Universe? COMA is the heavy artillery of Slavic science fiction, creating a visually stunning world that’ll blow your mind and not only yours, those of coma patients as well… Victor (Rinal Mukhametov, an actor you’ll also see in INVASION and ABIGAIL, both part… Continue reading Coma


Vincent (Guillaume Duhesme) loses his hearing in an accident. His life changes radically: he loses his girlfriend and his job and he tumbles into depression and isolation. No doctor can help him. Sounds like a tedious drama flick that accidently got programmed at the BIFFF? Think again! It’s common knowledge that when you lose one… Continue reading Noise

Sea Fever

Ever had a nightmare in which you’re suddenly in the middle of the ocean, not a single ship on the horizon, while a strange entity grabs your leg? Well, SEA FEVER is the extended director’s cut of this nightmare… Science wunderkind but socially awkward Siobhan is forced to trade in the safe environment of her… Continue reading Sea Fever

Riders Of Justice

After ADAM’S APPLES and MEN AND CHICKEN, grandmaster Anders Thomas Jensen delivers a brilliant pitch-black revenge comedy. And, yes, Mads Mikkelsen is heading the cast again. Simply essential viewing!

Post Mortem

If there’s something strange wandering the grounds of your typical 1918 Hungerian village, who you gonna call? Ghostbuster Tomás, using science to keep the dead where they belong… Director Péter Bergendy wrote his thesis on horror film psychology and uses all the dirty tricks in the book. Let that be a warning.


An alarm clock in a metal box, a bracelet with a countdown timer., a door that opens. Let the survival game begin… Ladies and gentlemen, we have found a worthy heir CUBE. Be prepared to face all your primal fears…

The Guest Room

On the rainy morning that Stella decides to take her life, a charming stranger knocks on the door with a reservation for the guest room. When Sandro, who broke her heart, also shows up, this odd situation turns into chaos…


In this diabolical puzzle by Damien McCarthy, Isaac accepts a job to look after a psychologically unstable woman in a dilapidated house on a remote island… and he has to wear an armor attached to chains to prevent him from entering her room….


Are you sick and tired of zooming? Don’t log off just yet, because Rob Savage has made the very first (but inevitable) horror film about six friends conjuring up spirits via zoom. You’re not going to be disappointed!

HINTERLAND by Stefan Ruzowitzky

Remember your intergalactic hangover the morning after the last “real” BIFFF edition to date ended, way back in what must’ve been 2019? Yeah, our memories are a little vague too, but it seems eons ago, a more innocent time when the only masks we wore in public were Jason’s and Michael Myer’s. Anyway, remember the… Continue reading HINTERLAND by Stefan Ruzowitzky


Back in the 90’s, the quiet Belgian town of Mons – our very own the Shire, in a way – was shook to the bone by a murder spree that left five women chopped up and scattered across the city in garbage bags. Arms, legs, torso, skull… Except for a trail of blood, the police… Continue reading MEGALOMANIAC


La Pietà is a key work of Italian Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, made in Carrara marble for Cardinal Jean de Bilhères’ funeral… Ergh, sorry wrong file! Instead, LA PIETÀ is a key work of strange, wonderfully bold BIFFF cinema by Álex de la Iglesia protégé Eduardo Casanova about a boy well into his 20’s… Continue reading LA PIETÀ


2056, far, far away from the Earth. Hannah and Gavin are sent to the Rubikon space station to work on the promising research of geneticist Dimitri Krylow. The latter has succeeded in cultivating genetically modified algae that provide energy, oxygen and food. In short, perfect self-sufficiency! In the meantime, the previous crew returns to Earth.… Continue reading RUBIKON


Damn, now we have to look for a new title for our documentary about the founders of the BIFFF. But well, we’re happy that it went to such a fantastic film. You see, “Les Cinq Diables” are five mountain peaks in the French Alps after which the village is named where Joanne (Adèle Exarchopoulos –… Continue reading THE FIVE DEVILS


Bússi, considered the toughest cop in Reykjavik, has all the hallmarks of the alpha male who overcompensates with his big American sled, astronomic Hemingway-levels of alcoholism and a “fuck rules” attitude. But hey, it works! The entire criminal world is afraid of Bússi… But when he accidently shoots his teammate in the shoulder (drinking doesn’t… Continue reading COP SECRET


A small provincial village in the Spanish heartland. A sweltering heat. Flies circling around dried-up feces. Local youngsters kill their boredom with a cruelty that is as gratuitous as it is relentless. Their favorite victim? Sarah, an overweight girl who is the target of ridicule every day at her school. But one day, while doing… Continue reading PIGGY

MOLOCH by Nico van den Brink

1991. A girl is playing downstairs, while a lot of strange, frightening noises are coming from upstairs. Suddenly, through the cracks of the wooden ceiling, a Niagara of blood comes gushing down. Thirty years later. Betriek, a young mother and widow, lives with her family in the middle of a bog. But the atmosphere is… Continue reading MOLOCH by Nico van den Brink


When summer comes to Madrid, the old folk tremble before the heatwave that will wipe out many of their peers. If most of them go into hiding in front of their fan, Mario’s mother opts for a definitive breath of fresh air by jumping out of a window for no apparent reason. The shock for… Continue reading THE ELDERLY


Ah, if only she had said no to that wild exchange of bodily fluids in the idyllic countryside with that aristocratic rebel Patrick… Ten years later, Elaine’s a mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Desperately single and as broke as Woody at the end of TOY STORY 4, every day is a struggle… Continue reading WOLFKIN


Krisztián, a young slacker raised by his aunt who’d rather teach him how to make magic potions than how to do his own laundry, is a lucky man. He was just accepted at his first job as a night watchman in a morgue. The description of the position, sitting on your ass and doing absolutely… Continue reading HALFWAY HOME


1996, in the Swedish city of Norrköping. An association of antisocial nerds who have watched a little too much of the X-Files, collect and verify all the testimonies of UFO’s flying over Sweden. For 99% of the calls they find a perfect scientific explanation, but it is that 1% of mystery that drives and motivates… Continue reading UFO SWEDEN


Kamil is so done with the whole COVID-19 lockdown shtick of following classes through Zoom and hanging around his gigantic mansion stuck with his dad’s new, yoga-instructing girlfriend while the old man himself only occasionally flies in by helicopter in between Dubai business meetings. Fuck all that! He’s going to throw one hell of a… Continue reading IT CAME FROM THE WATER


In a near future where all ideologies have been crushed under the weight of total ultra-liberalism, Rachel and Aly live in perfect loving harmony thanks to the benefits of domestic artificial intelligence. All their needs are met thanks to this cybernetic housekeeper: what to eat, what to wear, what to do, when to work, how… Continue reading THE POD GENERATION


Overprotected by his mother, socially autistic Oliver spends his time watching episodes of Alf in his candy-colored house. But when his mother accidentally ends up impaled on a garden gnome, his little world falls apart. He now feels completely and utterly alone, with no family or friends. Just Alf and an overzealous social worker who… Continue reading THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD