The Light

19th century. In a small coastal village, Olalla and her family prepare for the night of “The Truce”. There is only one rule: no lights should stay on tonight. Olalla, unlike her parents, does not believe in superstitions. And she doesn’t think They are coming either…

All That Glitters

A desperate teenager snatches a rich woman’s handbag but in a bizarre twist of fate discovers her life is not as rosy as it seems and that they have more in common than he realizes.

Una Nuova Prospettiva

While playing in a forest with his friends, a young boy comes across a lost and crying child of foreign ethnicity, bodies piled up in rows, military policemen with their dogs and a high wall of barbed wire. Where are we?.. And when?


Alone in his house, Leo, 12 years old, does not want to go to summer camp. When it is close to the time of departure, a disturbing presence prowls around, imitating his voice…


A hunter, tormented with the approaching death of his wife, is confronted with his emotions.

In the Soil

Karoline’s life is turned upside down when her father, Kjeld, manically starts digging a pit in their backyard. The following days turn into a living nightmare as the pit becomes a grave and the land, which has been in the family for generations, pulls Kjeld further and further down into the deep.


How can you know someone better than by learning their worst secret?

The Dead Collectors

During a pandemic in an alternate reality, two men have the job of collecting the deceased.

Night Breakers

On the hard journey to the illuminated city, a group of migrants make their way in their light suits. On their journey they will have to face the dangers that lurk in the dark and what’s worse: themselves.

Five Minutes

The vulnerable people living in a polluted, exploited and wasteland have to pay for clean oxygen.

The Madman

A rookie detective investigates a reported sight of an armed man in the woods, which leads him to a claustrophobic fight for his life.

Le censeur des rêves

Every night, The Censor and his team moderate Yoko’s dreams. Every night, they do their best to mask the painful thoughts that arise from her subconscious. Tonight nothing happens as planned.