Filmax International

For a few years now, Spain is one of the favourite spots for all the lovers of Fantastic Cinema, almost exclusively thanks to the impulse of the production company of Julio Fernandez, Filmax, and its branches Fantastic Factory and Discovery. In a few years the company has managed to gather a collection of solid talents… Continue reading Filmax International

German Focus

For its 26th edition, the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film has decided to put the spotlight on Germany with a special Focus, which obviously rejoices us. The films, ranging from fairytales to outright horror, are proof of the energy and creative force of contemporary German cinema. This is the first time that the Goethe-Institut… Continue reading German Focus

Taïwan Focus

Taiwan, a small island that everybody knows but which most of us find hard to locate on a map, is especially renowned for its economic growth, its high level of technological development and its various and breathtaking landscapes. In recent years it has also reinforced its cooperation and mutual trust with continental China. But diehard… Continue reading Taïwan Focus

Hong-Kong Focus

Hong Kong, which means “perfumed harbour” in Cantonese, is not only one of the financial and economic powerhouses of the world economy. At the simple evocation of its name, we start dreaming of exotic adventures on faraway seas. We fondly remember the numerous classics from the Shaw Brothers, The Way of the Dragon ( 1972… Continue reading Hong-Kong Focus

Danish Focus

To honour the Danish presidency of the Council of the European Union, the BIFFF – in collaboration with the Danish Film Institute, the Danish Cultural Institute- Benelux and the Danish Presidency of the European Union – organises a reception in order to greet in our very own special way our friends from the north !… Continue reading Danish Focus

Irish Focus

A country of smoky taverns where Guinness is always on tap, a country of green rain soaked rolling hills, a country of sad ballads about its eventful past, a country where Samuel Beckett is waiting for Godot, while James Joyce tries to hit on Molly Bloom and Roddy Doyle plays saxophone with the Commitments. Ireland,… Continue reading Irish Focus

Indian Focus

With the biggest film production in the world ( more than 1000 feature films in 2009, according to the Central Board of Film Certification ), India is a major player in the international film industry. Yet we have often reduced India to kitschy Bollywood spectacles or serious art house from the likes of Satyajit Ray… Continue reading Indian Focus

Argentina Focus

Some faraway countries are only known through worn out stereotypes such as beer & fries for Belgium. When we think of Argentina, we see Maradona and Messi tango with a ball, we travel to the end of the world in Patagonia and we shed a tear for Eva Peron. But this impossibly long country, which… Continue reading Argentina Focus

Blood Window 2016

Blood Window, that takes place during the Ventana Sur Film market in Buenos Aires, is the hot-blooded nephew of our very own coproduction market Frontières. During the year, it also assures the promotion and post-production of South-American genre movies. After a long trip at the other end of the planet, the BIFFF returns once again… Continue reading Blood Window 2016

Hungarian Focus

After the Golden Bear in Berlin for On Body and Soul, we just had to do a little something for our friends from the country of György Konrád. Hungarian cinema has always produced great directors (we often forget, but Michael Curtiz and Emeric Pressburger also came from there) and excells in many genres. We mostly… Continue reading Hungarian Focus

Mexican Focus

Some people want to build a wall, we’d rather build bridges. Some only see cocaine and tacos, Mexico’s worst export clichés; we see a rich culture that craves exposure on the silver screen. Because, no, Mexico is not just El Chapo, drug cartels, and Selena Gomez’s stolen pictures from Puerto Vallarta! When it comes to… Continue reading Mexican Focus

Nordic Focus

Yeah, those guys up north! Not content with breathtaking landscapes, cheap self-assembly furniture (with somehow always one piece left unused), and a social model that is the envy of all of Europe, the Nordic countries also have a prestigious cinematographic pedigree. Impossible not to mention Ingmar Bergman – whose THE VIRGIN SPRING inspired Wes Craven’s… Continue reading Nordic Focus

Russian Focus

Sergei Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov, Lev Kulechov, Vsevolod Pudovkin… We’re talking about a time that those of us under 100 have never known: the Golden Age of Russian cinema! After that, a little something called the Cold War sabotaged the defenders of the 7th art and their work struggled to get across the iron curtain. It… Continue reading Russian Focus

Blood Window 2015

This was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss! In the year that the BIFFF organizes its first genre film market and also puts the spotlights on Argentinean cinema with its Focus, it would be unthinkable not to talk about Blood Window! This is not an extra bloody version of Microsoft’s operating system, but simply the… Continue reading Blood Window 2015

The Belgian Wave

The figures of the last decade don’t lie. The conclusion is loud and clear and obvious to all. There’s a tsunami of Belgian genre cinema! More than 30 films supported by Wallimage, 11 by the VAF, more than 20 films supported by Screen. Brussels, 23 by Screen Flanders or even 25 feature films that have… Continue reading The Belgian Wave

El BIFFF está muy ibérico!!

No need to dwell on Spanish clichés and commonplaces to praise the merits of the country. Especially when you know that Spain produces no less than 41% of the world’s olive oil and that they comes in second in terms of European exporters of artichokes. No small feat! But there’s more… Spain has more festivals… Continue reading El BIFFF está muy ibérico!!