1st Gaming Madness Days

7 days of OFF festival with tournaments, board games, a master class and more… Who doesn’t want, after another vision of The Evil Dead, to slaughter a bunch of zombies? Who doesn’t want to start a Mad Max worthy chase? Thanks to video games, that’s been possible for a while now! Because the success of… Continue reading 1st Gaming Madness Days

2nd Gaming Madness Days

Who doesn’t want to slaughter some zombies after having seen The Evil Dead? Who doesn’t want to start a car chase worthy of Mad Max? That’s been possible for a while now thanks to video games! Because games are becoming an important part of popular culture and with quite a few gamers in our audience,… Continue reading 2nd Gaming Madness Days

3rd Gaming Madness Days

Captain’s Log, Stardate 42017.8. After eradicating the Cicosaurus threat with Commander Shepard and after our trade stop at Coruscant, we head towards the Arm of Orion to reach Earth. Once arrived, our mission will be to infiltrate the bowels of the Center for Fine Arts during the third edition of the Gaming Madness Days to… Continue reading 3rd Gaming Madness Days

4th Gaming Madness Days

There’s an ever thinner line between genre movies and video games. We both love getting scared, killing orcs, having bad ass battles in space and so on.  But even if we look like brothers from another mother, there is still so much we can learn from each other. That is why after three years of introducing… Continue reading 4th Gaming Madness Days

5th Gaming Madness Days

Feel like experiencing the chills of an intergalactic battle, a sword fight, or want to take part in an interactive story with twisted choices? Then we have good news for you, because Games are now officially part of the BIFFF! In fact, the Gaming Madness is a room completely dedicated to board games and videogames.… Continue reading 5th Gaming Madness Days

6th Gaming Madness Days

Gaming Madness 8 till 19 April – “Gaming Madness” Space Looking for an adrenaline rush? Ready to discover another world? To save your planet from an alien threat or the Coronazombievirus? Then join our battle in the lair of playful fantasies, our Gaming Madness, from the 7th till the 19th of April 2020! The 5th… Continue reading 6th Gaming Madness Days