In his younger days, Helge Block was a skilful and respected fisherman. But nowadays he hardly brings any fish home. The people in the village have turned their backs on him and his beloved son Jonas. Nonetheless, they lead a happy life in a small fishing hut by the sea. One stormy night Helge sets… Continue reading NEVERMORE


As a student, Tim was madly in love with Maruzzella. But she was the daughter of a gangster. One day, a hitman kills her father and kidnaps the young couple. Tim is tortured, but manages to escape, having to leave Maruzzella behind. She ends up loosing her memory and is brainwashed by the assassin into… Continue reading PRESENT


For weeks now, their roommate with the broken heart has barricaded himself in his room in their student house. Only at night does he sneak out to use the bathroom or to plunder the fridge. During the day he constantly plays loud music, which drives Kathi, Nico and Tessa up the walls. Now their patience… Continue reading RENT, NO UTILITIES


Nathalie emigrated from Germany to the US. Even though she got pregnant at a young age, she managed to become a lawyer. Tim, her good-for-nothing husband, was another matter. He ruined the fast food chain which Nathalie had inherited from her father. Now, they’re divorced and the two have fought a bitter battle for the… Continue reading DARD DIVORCE


The small town of Paradise, USA. The Dude is a twenty-something trailer park dweller laid off from a factory job and trying to find work while living off welfare with his grotesquely obese and chronically unfaithful wife. Just outside of Paradise lives his uncle Dave, the con man leader of a fake religious cult. Unknown… Continue reading POSTAL


Lara is a young and self-confident student from Germany. Her entire life is thrown in disarray when her father, mother and little sister all die in a car accident in Romania. Together with her best friends, she heads for Romania where they encounter a very strange and frightening world. They discover an international food scandal… Continue reading BUKAREST FLEISCH


Rico Bartsch is a loner. He’s not successful with girls, nor is he athletic. His limited sense of hearing makes him live in his own world. Whenever he’s fed up with his environment, he just switches off his hearing aid. One day, his classmate Robert Greiner dies because he has eaten a poisoned éclair. Rico… Continue reading HEAD UNDER WATER

German Focus

For its 26th edition, the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film has decided to put the spotlight on Germany with a special Focus, which obviously rejoices us. The films, ranging from fairytales to outright horror, are proof of the energy and creative force of contemporary German cinema. This is the first time that the Goethe-Institut… Continue reading German Focus