Hommage Jeunet & Caro

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Director of Amelie and The City of Lost Children was at the BIFFF, Brussels International Film Festival to give a masterclass. He talked to the audience about how he started to make movie at the age of 9 and about his experiences as director in France and in the US during the making of Alien 4, Resurrection.

A tribute to Jeunet Jeunet, the acclaimed director of “Delicatessen”, “The City of the Lost Children” and “Alien 4” has also made four wonderful short features with his collaborator Marc Caro: “Le manège” (1979), “Pas de repos pour Billy Brakko” (1981), “Foutaises”(1989) and the cult classic “Bunker de la dernière rafale” (1983).