Hommage Ingrid Pitt

A tribute to Ingrid Pitt The Queen of Horror, Ingrid Pitt is loved by fans the world over, for her lead role as the evil, malevolent seductress in the Hammer classics “Countess Dracula” and “Vampire Lovers”. In the early Seventies she became the only female horror star to counter the powerful forces of Christopher Lee… Continue reading Hommage Ingrid Pitt

Hommage Jeunet & Caro

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Director of Amelie and The City of Lost Children was at the BIFFF, Brussels International Film Festival to give a masterclass. He talked to the audience about how he started to make movie at the age of 9 and about his experiences as director in France and in the US during the making of Alien 4, Resurrection.

A tribute to Jeunet Jeunet, the acclaimed director of “Delicatessen”, “The City of the Lost Children” and “Alien 4” has also made four wonderful short features with his collaborator Marc Caro: “Le manège” (1979), “Pas de repos pour Billy Brakko” (1981), “Foutaises”(1989) and the cult classic “Bunker de la dernière rafale” (1983).

Hommage David Cronenberg

A tribute to Cronenberg From the beginning, Cronenberg’s reputation rests on his famous mise en scéne of techno-fantasy: the parasites, the visceral invasions of the body, the excesses of medical science, new forms of sexuality… “Stereo”: Seven young adults are submitted to a form of brain surgery which increases their potential for telepathic communication. But, as… Continue reading Hommage David Cronenberg

Hommage François-Jacques Ossang

A Tribute to François-Jacques Ossang On the occasion of F.J. Ossangs new feature “Dr. Chance”, you can also attend the screening of the two previous films by this director-writer-composer and singer. With “L’affaire des divisions Morituri” Ossang tackles the punk-myth with a story set in Paris where a bunch of people from the underground are… Continue reading Hommage François-Jacques Ossang

Hommage Raoul Ruiz

In 1973 Raoul Ruiz exchanges Chile for Paris, where his style suddenly turns towards fantasy. His films follow labyrinthine plot lines and inventively display a powerful feeling of displacement. For the viewer this results in feelings of disorientation, enhanced by Ruiz’s generous images and favoured by intelligent editing. Cinema Nova presents a small selection from… Continue reading Hommage Raoul Ruiz

Hommage Peter Jackson

This homage wants to remind us of the cult status Peter Jackson already enjoyed before the release of the critically acclaimed Heavenly Creatures. There is definitely a good deal of slapstick-type humour in Bad Taste (1987), that deals with an invasion of man-eating aliens threatening to overthrow a small town. Meet The Feebles (1989) is… Continue reading Hommage Peter Jackson

Hommage Dario Argento

Cinema Nova pays homage to this significant Italian filmmaker and avatar of violent modern horror. With his first films in the seventies, which form the so-called “animal trilogy”, The Bird With the Crystal Plumage (1969), The Cat O’Nine Tales (1970) and Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971), he gave new fuel to the Giallo genre… Continue reading Hommage Dario Argento

Hommage Eurociné

Young victimized beauties and evil vixens all with little – if any – clothing on, fake-looking zombies, near-sighted monsters and a horny invisible man. Eurociné Productions, has already turned out 150 Z movies. To witness a “Eurociné” film is to wonder what Ed Wood would have done had he been brought up eating baguettes with… Continue reading Hommage Eurociné

Hommage Jess Franco

Born 1930, Jesus Franco Manera was 29 years old when he made his directorial debut. Since then he has more than 150 feature films under his belt that span diverse genres, making him Spain’s most outrageous and prolific filmmaker. His inimitable and instantly recognizable style, with trademark whooshing zooms and pans, is at once dreamy,… Continue reading Hommage Jess Franco

Hommage Henri Xhonneux

Marquis On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of the author and because of the coming “re-release”, Eric Van Beuren and the BIFFF present a special screening of “Marquis”, a film by Henri Xhonneux. ”Marquis” written and directed by Roland Topor, is a film that brakes boundaries. The protagonist, is a Marquis… Continue reading Hommage Henri Xhonneux

Tribute Freddie Francis

Dearest Freddie, It’s incredibly hard for us to lose someone like you. You were an amazing man. It was impossible to find someone nicer, more talented or more open like you. You were always honest, outspoken, curious, devoted and serene. You came to our Festival many times, accompanied by Pam (your tender wife). By your… Continue reading Tribute Freddie Francis

Hommage Syd Mead

Syd Mead is an industrial designer who develops futuristic objects with a true gift of futuristic vision. He has, during his long carrier, elaborated posters, built exhibition areas, invented clocks and amusement parks’ décors for Ford Motor Company, U.S. Steel and Philips Electronics. He has also worked for very innovative movies, where he was known… Continue reading Hommage Syd Mead

Hommage Sogo Ishii

A focus on Japanese enfant terrible Sogo Ishii (°1957), a selfmade director and chronicler of the Japanese punk movement of the late 70s and early 80s. Ishii’s goal was to make the cinematic equivalent to punk music; movies in which every frame is imbued with the philosophy, spirit and look of the Japanese Punk scene.… Continue reading Hommage Sogo Ishii

Hommage Enki Bilal

At the occasion of the release of the fourth part of his tetralogy, Le Sommeil du Monstre, cult graphic designer Enki Bilal will come to introduce his film Tykho Moon in the Film Museum (bis), on April 5th at 5pm. Enki Bilal is mostly renowned for his famous trilogy Nikopol and for his tetralogy Le… Continue reading Hommage Enki Bilal

Hommage Narciso Ibanez Serrador

An English couple decide to treat themselves to some serious sun- bathing, but preferably without the crowds  of  drunken  tourists  that usually go along with that. The two lovebirds pick Almanzora, a lesser- known Spanish island. And yes, it has everything: the white sandy beaches, blue sky, sun all year long…  The only downside   is… Continue reading Hommage Narciso Ibanez Serrador

Hommage Costa-Gavras

In 1970 Costa-Gavras was looking into  the  CIA  affairs in  Latin America and discovers the existence of certain Dan Mitrione, an agent specialized in “anti-terror strategies” (a euphemism to talk about torture)  who was happy to lend a hand in the formation of established South-American dictators…  Fascinated  by  the sheer cynicism of such a character,… Continue reading Hommage Costa-Gavras

50 Years of Hammer Horror

50 Years of Hammer during the Festival : The Hammer debate:A debate about the importance of “Hammer Film Productions” for the Fantasy Film will be organized, in presence of Freddie Francis, Jimmy Sangster and Peter Sasdy. “Hammer special”, a series of unforgettable Hammer-films (French versions) in the Festival Barevery weekday, exceptions made for Wednesday the… Continue reading 50 Years of Hammer Horror

Dracula : 100 years

THE BLOODY CENTURY OF DRACULA Lesson in History: part 1Since the XVIIIthcentury, the literature gathers all the elements of the Vampire-myth, the human blood sucking, nearly immortal monster. Only a wooden stake driven through his heart or the daylight are his enemies. The vampire awakes more and more by the pen of several Russian writers… Continue reading Dracula : 100 years