The Gazer Warrior belongs to those lonesome superheroes fighting evil instead of getting a real life. But, when he meets Aroma Woman during a superhero standoff, they immediately fall in love. Getting tired of their busy lifestyle, they decide to retreat to a small village, under the false identity of Huan and Red. Five peaceful… Continue reading MR , MRS INCREDIBLE


Ancient China. Tang Fanghai is the bane of his parent’s existence. He spends his life dreaming of brave knights and their heroic deeds, instead of getting involved in the family business or finding a wife. One day he decides to leave the house and become a wandering knight in search of injustice. After Tang pays… Continue reading DON QUIXOTE 3D


Scholar Zhu and his manservant Houxia are chasing the bandit Meng, whom they accuse of having stolen from them. They end up in a monastery, where the abbot manages to settle their differences. While recuperating from the chase, Zhu admires an enormous mural where lots of fair maidens are frolicking in a fairy tale landscape.… Continue reading MURAL

Hong-Kong Focus

Hong Kong, which means “perfumed harbour” in Cantonese, is not only one of the financial and economic powerhouses of the world economy. At the simple evocation of its name, we start dreaming of exotic adventures on faraway seas. We fondly remember the numerous classics from the Shaw Brothers, The Way of the Dragon ( 1972… Continue reading Hong-Kong Focus